Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Love Bags and Bodyline. Cecilia Carousel and Dennis Teapot Prints.

  I saw a post on egl about new items on the Bodyline website.  Bodyline came out with a few new prints that are so fun.  Cecilia Carousel and Dennis Teapot.  Here is a quick run down of these darling pieces.

 Look at Bodyline bringing out the big guns.  I think they are really kicking it up with the prints.  They have WIN written all over them.  I am trying to pink my favorite piece or print and I just can't do it.  The Cecelia Carousel JSK is just too cute with its simple design and awesome print.  And the Dennis Teapot skirt, with its high-waisted (which I am really digging right now) is great.
Among super cute dresses and skirts there was the most darling bag.  A cute sugary print of carousel horses and pretty colors make me want  one of each color.
I also want these ones as well.

As cheap as these bag are ($19 each) I still cannot afford them so I guess it is just a little more pretend shopping.  Perhaps for the next holiday, Christmas, I will ask for a shopping spree on Bodyline.


  1. Lovely dresses!! I don't wear lolita fashion for myself, but I love their accessoiries, like bags!!!

  2. love it! I am so going to order something from there when I have money teehee

  3. cute! Ugg I want to buy some bodyline!

  4. Those bags are amazing! Like Thanh Thao said, Lolita brands do amazing accessories that really stand out from the crowd.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the cecilia carousel in black. I'm actually getting an entire outfit from wig to shoes for this jsk XD I don't care if it's Bodyline...this is pretty awesome to be bodyline <3333


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