Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sailor Moon Stuff & Jewelry

  I have decided that I am just going to show off my Sailor Moon stuff.  I have so much and I want to share it.  Here are a few things that I found in the attic.  My Sailor Moon things are in very different shape.  Some, I bought in middle school and used and it is in rough shape and other things have never been opened and are in pristine condition.  Here are a few of the older things.

I have other cd's but these are the few that I found tucked away.  I wore the watch for about a month before it broke because it was made with cheap plastic.  
I want to start showing off some of my Lolita collection and I thought that I would start small with jewelry.  First, I have to tell you that I have zero to little storage for my jewelry and I need to get on it.  Right now all I have is one little glass jewelry box.

Ok, I know what you are thinking.  A gun isn't Lolita.  It isn't but I love it none the less.  I found the gun charm on Etsy when I was ordering jewelry supplies and I just had to have it.  I bought it with a trident and an ax charms as well and my husband wanted the ax so I made a necklace for him.  The gun is sooo heavy and nicely detailed.  The rest of the jewelry and accessories is your standard pink.  I really love cute pink animal rings.  The bunny and the cat are super cute.
Just a few of the bows and hair corsages that I have made.  I really like to cute up my hair everyday and an easy way to do that is to add a flower and/or bow.  
I can't wait to bring out all of my Sailor Moon stuff and Lolita collection to photograph and share.  It will be super fun.


  1. Your jewelry collection is very pretty. I can sympathize with not having much storage space for stuff like that, though. Yet. Still trying to figure out if my DIY skills can help with that. ><

    Anything is lolita if you coordinate it well! :D

  2. These are all very cute things! I love all the hair clips. I really need to start wearing more stuff in my own hair.

    I also love that Sailor Moon watch :D It seems like everyone but me has a Sailor Moon collection! Not that I didn't want one when I was little! I just only ever ended up with a little tin box.

  3. Oh, wow, a PC-Engine game! That system is virtually unknown in the states, but it's one of my favourite systems.

    They made Sailor Moon jewelry in America long, long ago- I have some Sailor Moon dangling earrings purchased at Walmart(!) back in about... lord, 1994 or so, it would have to be.

  4. How cute, love the white box, and that watch...

  5. I used to have one of the sailor moon pendant things ;_; I lost it.

  6. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm jealous of some your stuff.


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