Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Make Up Case

  When I was about 13 or so I had a Caboodle make up case and i loved it.  It was blue and had cool sparkles all over it.  It held my nail polish collection and that was pretty much it.  Well, about 2 months ago I was at my local Walmart and I spotted a very familiar case.  They are making caboodle's again!  I scooped the case up, paid my sixteen dollars, and had a new awesome make up case.  I needed a new bigger one because I had too many things to fit in my old one.  Plus I love the way it is broken up.

I use the bottom part for mascara, eye shadow, lotion, and all the make up things.  The small top section holds the brushes, comb, and miscellaneous tools.  Lastly, the top section holds bows, rings, jewelry, barrettes, bobby pins, and other odd items.  
 I know I don't have too my eye shadow options but I think the five that I have serve me well.  The middle bottom cream color is a good base.  Much of my wardrobe is made up of pinks and girly colors so the pink, blue, and lavender get used often.  The black and grey compact gets used everyday.  I always line my eye with black like eye liner.
I bought this palette so I wouldn't have to buy all of these colors separately.  It only cost me about 18 dollars from amazon.  I highly suggest getting one.  It is fun to sit down and play with it.  Mixing & matching colors like electric blue and bright pink can have very cool results.  The only thing I don't like about it is that there are so many browns.  I don't need 16 different browns.  
 I love mascara.  No way around it, I just do.  When I started wearing make up on a daily basis mascara was the first thing that I wore everyday.  All of the other things followed after that.  I have spent anywhere from $2-$18 on mascara and I must say Maybelline is my favorite.  I was using the yellow tube, "Colossal Volume" up until I bought the "Falsies" kind.  I can't really tell the difference between the two but they both cover well, don't clump, last all day, and make my lashes pretty.
 I have a few expensive name brand things but these are a few that I use regular enough.  The tubes are by Benefit (lip gloss and eye shadow) and the Hard Candy is eye shadow.
I only have 3 brushes right now and they do their job.  The top white brush has a nice angle and is soft, the middle brush is small and very fine, and the bottom one is soft and fluffy.  
 Cover up for the occasional zit.
 I needed a new brush and I nearly peed myself when I saw this Little Mermaid one.
 Nothing too exciting here.  Tweezers, nail clippers, and eyelash curler.
Adding flowers and bows to my hair is one of my things.  No matter what I wear or where I am going I always have pretty things in my hair.  I want to make more bows.  I have worn the white and blue ones about 500 times in the past year.


  1. Gonna be honest, that hairbrush is bitching.

  2. I now know 700% more about makeup than I did before. Thanks!

  3. I know, when I saw these traditional Caboodles I was excited XD You have lots of nice makeup!

  4. I used to have a blue Caboodles box :D I love yours, it's cute and filled with so much cute makeup and hair accessories! And OMG that brush! It's soooo adorable!

  5. Maybe a weird question, but I see you have the mascara I've been considering (glam eyes by Rimmel) but I tend to want to be on the safe side and always go for waterproof. But, shallow as I am, I like the packaging of the non-waterproof one more (pink xD) would you say it's awfully non-waterproof? ^^;

    Also, I love that pallet, I think I've seen more Lolitas use it, I think it's called Coastal scents or something? I might have to go look for one ^_^

  6. I have stocked up on the mini hair bows that F21 sells. I love that place for little hair accessories.

  7. To chetanaiho:
    I must admit, I did buy the Rimmel mascara just because of the pink and black. It is not water proof.
    The palette has the name Cameo on the front of it. If you look up make up palette or eye shadow palette on amazon a bunch will pop up.

  8. Ah yes, as for someone with no experience in waterproof mascara, does it run with the first raindrop?

    Ok thanks!


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