Friday, December 17, 2010

Quick Macaron Book Look

Back in June I bought a cute macaron book or at least I thought I did.  Well, I did buy it but I didn't pay attention and I pre-ordered it.  Oops.  I just figured, "No big deal.  It will just get to me later in the year and it will most likely be a surprise because I will forget about it.".  And forget about it I did.  On egl today, someone posted about there being a new macaron book and it was the same one I pre-ordered.  I checked the tracking on Amazon and BOOM, it was waiting in the mailbox.
  I haven't really gotten a good sit down with it but it looks to be full of recipe, flavors, tips, and ideas.  It is small book, around 6x6 inches.  It is in full color with glossy pages.  There are loads of great pictures that show you the different flavors and different ways to decorate.  
  I have another macaron cook book and I am excited to see how they differ and what the ones from my new book taste like compared to the old book's.  Here are a few quick shot of the inside.  Once I make some I will have to take pictures of those and let you know how they came out.



  1. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I love it! You are very inspiring :)
    Hugs from Norway ;)

  2. Oh, that seems a good book!
    When I went to France I bought one about macaroons, just for starters, but there was a huge section in the library just for them!
    I never had the time to make them, though. And I am afraid that they will be disappointing and not much how they looked and tasted like when I bought them!
    When are you going to try to make some? ^_^

  3. Awwww. You guys are so sweet. I want to try and make some between Christmas and New Years. If not then in January.


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