Friday, April 1, 2011

Elf Cosmetics

  Last weekend I went to the local Target just for fun and found something new and interesting in the cosmetic section.  They now have a small section of Elf products.  I had never heard of them but boy was I excited to see what I saw.  CHEAP cosmetics.  Like, there were many things that were only $1a piece.  I got so excited that I grabbed a bunch of things and made a make shift basket out of my new shirt that I was buying.  The selection that they had was not super huge but there was enough to make me happy.  Here is the haul.

I love getting new makeup brushes.  These ones were just $1 a piece and not bad.  The large one (on top) is very nice and I use it to even out the cover up and eye primer.  The small brush (the bottom) is for cover up as well but I am going to be using it for my eyes/eyeshadow.  The small brush came apart though.  I had to glue it back together.  No big deal.

About 2 months ago I looked EVERYWHERE for a nice eye primer and could not find any or I found one that was way too expensive.  When I saw this one I snatched it up fast.  It has a nice consistency to it and blends in well.  Ever since I saw a good make up tutorial on YouTube I have wanted eye primer and now I have some.  Yea!

I bought this color stick thinking it was pinker than the actual color.  It is a gold/bronze color and it does not really look good on my skin tone.  I night give it away to a friend.

Just like the eye primer I looked everywhere for a light shimmer.  Elf to the rescue.  I find a tiny bit of shimmer on the tip of my nose and the dip just above my top lip make me look dewy and healthy.

I haven't really gotten into the whole fake eyelash thing.  I rub my eyes too much to really wear a lot on my eyes.  I have to use all my willpower not to rub off my eyeshadow and mascara.  I think this weekend I will try going all out with falsies and all.  These ones were only $1 so I figured that if they came off in 10 minutes it wasn't a huge loss.

This was a build your own eyeshadow pallet.  It came with 4 empty spots.  The pallet w/ mirror and applicator was only $1.  Each eyeshadow color was also $1.  I chose a basic black and white.  I like to use the white as a highlighting color to brighten up my eyes and I use the black as an eye liner to make my lashes fuller.  The pink and lavender are 2 regular colors that get used on an almost daily basis.

Lastly, I got a nice simple mirror for my bag.  It was one dollar and should serve me well.


  1. Ah! What a great find at Target! I've been meaning to check out some of the ELF products online, but since your target has a small section...I wonder if mine does too!

  2. I would love to see what those eyelashes look like on you! I've been looking into false eyelashes for awhile....(:

  3. My local Target goes back and forth between selling ELF and not, when they do I get really excited for a brand to be inexpensive the quality is really good. I love their foundation brush, I always get an even coverage with it.

    How well do the lashes do? I'm not a lashes girl and the one time I worn them I kept blinking because I could feel the heaviness of them.


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