Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gothic Lolita Wigs

  Wearing a wig is not for me. I am not saying I dislike them but I have tried wigs that I bought on ebay a while back and they weren't quite right for me. The wigs that I see many Lolita's sporting are super curly with falls and pastel colors.  It is just a trend that I am not jumping on.  There are so many girls on Daily Lolita that rock them in a major way and they look outstanding.  Anyway, I like Gothic Lolita Wigs on Facebook because I like seeing their new pieces and great pictures. They have very nice pictures.  Their muses are always great.

  To my surprise I saw the above wig and I actually thought about buying it.  I don't have the money for wigs but if I did, this would be the one.  The 2 natural tones and cute curls just make me smile.  It is such a soft and feminine look.  I had dyed my hair in the past with the split style so I have a soft spot for the look.  How cute does that model look?  Super cute, that's how cute.  
 So, good on you Gothic Lolita Wigs.  You made a girl who doesn't really want to wear wigs, wear one.  


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