Monday, June 18, 2012

Ick: Super Cute Indie Lolita Clothing Shop

We all know the big Lolita brands; Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Meta, and more but apart from these big names there are many indie brands and seamstresses out there who make beautiful dresses and blouses. Ick happens to be one of those cute little shops.

I saw her post on egl last week and was please to see her cute designs that I think any Lolita would really like to wear. There are a few pieces in her shop which I am particularly fond of. I like the Little Bear JSK and the Rose Series Skirt. The Rose Series print is so feminine and delicate. The prices are reasonable and wouldn't put anyone in debt. The dresses range from $80 to $150. Some of them even come with a matching bow and/bag. Awesome. Matching goodies are the best. If you want bloomers I think her shop is the place to get them. They are very reasonable and cute. They have short and longer ones from $12 to $20. Save yourself from any embarrassing moments by wearing bloomers. Windy days will no longer be an issue.

 These two dresses are super cute. I would plan a spring picnic for the first one and an evening on the town for the second one. Her shop offers a few different collections and there are more on the way. If she keeps sewing and expanding I can see a successful indie Lolita brand. I think it could be popular.

In addition to the shop, Ick has many other pages that support it. Ick has a Facebook page, a Twitter page, an Etsy shop, and a Tumblr. If you want to follow Ick and be up to date on all of the cute dresses and skirts make sure you follow one or all of their pages. I know I am going to follow Ick on Facebook.
Go take a peek at the cute clothes and tell me which is your favorite.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us! I have become another fan of one of your favorites. :D

    ~ Kieli ~


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