Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lolita Rules That I follow #1- Knee Length Skirt

  One of the things I love most about Lolita is the breaking out of the mold and dressing how I want and feel no matter what anyone thinks or says.  I also love that it is a genre that has rules that people bend and play with to make some very interesting coordinates.  It is fun to see what girls and guys are doing within a set of parameters and seeing what they come up with. 
   As much as I love the freedom of the style and the fun of coming up with new ideas within the style there are rules that I feel I should follow.  These aren't rules that maybe others may feel they need to follow (who am I to tell then that they do) but, they are the rules for me. 
The first rule, Keep the Hem at the Knee or Just Above.
      A big part of my day is being on the internet and keeping up with my interests.  I am on EGL, the sales page, amazon, about 80 blogs, and other random pages.  I am also on Daily Lolita checking out the pictures and seeing what people are doing and one of the things that really gets me is all of the short skirts and dresses.  
I realize that sometimes people want their hen to be short if that are wearing Euro or Punk Loli.  But, in Classic, Sweet, Gothic, Country, and most other sub Loli genres  should adhere to a modest length.  Alot of the time you see a post on DL (Daily Lolita) and a girl will say, "Sorry my skirt is so short, I have really long legs."  I just think to myself , "Well then, fix it.".  If something is not right with your outfit or an article of clothing do something about it.  You could make sure that you are buying the right size and avoid the problem all together, take it to a tailor or friend who knows how to sew to add a ruffle, lace, or a bit of fabric to the hem, wear an underskirt that is a little longer to make up for the length of the over skirt, or sell it for a longer one.
  I am not super modest but Lolita as a whole is a modest style.  Out of Lolita my skirts are shorter and my tops are a bit tighter but in Lolita, I follow the belief that is is a pretty modest style.
  If you agree with me let me know and if you don't, let me know.  I would like to think that I am in good company with this thought but who knows, maybe I am being a bit old fashioned.
What are your thoughts?


  1. LOLWAT rules??

    The "rules" are there for people who can't dress themselves; they provide guidelines for beginners. As long as the outfit fits within the lolita aesthetic precise measurements are less important. IW's 108cm length JSKs (tea length on most girls) are very popular with those of us who work and want a more refined appearance.

    That said, very short skirts without appropriate leg covering to balance out the look aren't always pulled off well, but the problem is that people are so invested in lolita they can't bear to wear an outfit not labelled as such.

  2. Pretty much what the user above said. I do dislike when some dresses are short on me like my Sugary Flora jsk. Whenever I even slightly leaned forward...everyone could sneak a peek at my petticoat + bloomers underneath.

    In general, I do not like wear dresses or skirts in or out of lolita that are short--I get all self conscious and paranoid :\

  3. I totally agree with you about the skirt lenght problem: I'm quite tall (1,67 cm) and almost all skirts from putumayo (my most favourite brand) are like miniskirts for me, too short even for punkloli. I love them so much but all I can do is search for replicas in my size or choose only the longer models (very few). But I prefer choosing a different skirt than walk around with such a short skirt (even out of lolita miniskirts aren't for me ^^)

  4. I'll have to look into Euro Lolita...I'v never heard of it. Sorry..

    I agree with you though.

  5. It is nice to see others agree with me on length.

  6. the skirt length is one reason I'm so attracted to lolita! I dont like short skirts as I feel I'll always be flashing people when I sit or bend over

  7. I have rather long legs and keeping to the "just above the knee" rule is pretty hard I know what you mean by Fix it
    but with allot of brand dresses/skirts
    its not that simple they normally only come in one size (angelic pretty) and I feel a bit conflicted about altering it, But I agree with what your saying.


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