Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Couple New Things

  I have added a couple new things to the blog if you haven't noticed already.  On the right hand side of the blog there are two new pictures that you can click on for some goodies.  The "Lolita Videos YouTube" picture will take you to a compilation of Lolita themed videos that I have found on YouTube.  I did not make any of the videos but I tracked them down through different means and made a nice little play-list.  There are some documentaries in there, music videos, runway shows, and more.  I will be adding more videos most likely everyday so be sure to check it out every once in a while.
  The second new addition is the What I Watched on Netflix blog that I have started.  I watch A LOT of Netflix so I thought I might recommend somethings and share my thoughts.  My taste in movies is diverse but I really love action, horror, sci-fi, and comedies. 
  So, if the any of this sounds good to you check them out.  I hope you enjoy the new additions.


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