Monday, January 2, 2012

New Skirt Design

It is not super fancy but I think it is cute. A two layer skirt with ruffles at each hem and gathering at the waist are simple designs. This makes it easier to coordinate with. Shirring in the back on the waist allow it to fit multiple sizes and also lets you wear it at your natural waist or on your hips. I tend to wear skirts on my hips, it is just more comfortable for me.

I have some lovely black and black/white type plaid fabric and they look very nice together. I am going to be designing and sewing more Lolita clothing in addition to making Lolita jewelry and accessories.  I finally have everything that I need to make clothes on a professional level.  I great sewing machine, a serger, a form, and the knowledge to design and make clothing.  Not only that, but I have lots of designs just sitting in my sketch book and in my head just waiting to be realized.


  1. I am loving this design! I love these types of skirts too and I'm glad you're taking all types of girls into consideration. :3

    Will you be selling clothes that you make?! (Can you tell I'm already excited? xD )

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. @Kieli_Heart
    Hey! I am so excited that you like it. And Yes! I will be selling the clothes that I am making. I can't wait to start posting finished pieces.


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