Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - XJust AnotherX

  Hello ladies and gents.  Do I actually have any gents that read my blog. I would think maybe 2.  Anyway, today's Daily Lolita Highlight is a first.  This is the first one that highlights 3 people.  All of the other posts have been of only 1 person so this one is packed with 3 times the cute and fun.
  There are lots of posts of Lolitas together having a good time but when I saw this post I wanted to jump into my computer and spend the day with these 3.  They look as if they are having a ball just hanging out.  Xjust AnotherX is the girl who did the post on Daily Lolita (the one in the middle with the dark hair).   It is her, her boyfriend, and her best friend.  This is also a first for highlighting a boy as well, big day. 
Decked out in Baby the Stars Shine Brights Pup in a Cup and Marie Antoinette prints the girls look most adorable.  They each have a great color scheme and accessorize perfectly.  XJust AnotherX's boyfriend is wearing Black Peace Now, Fan + Friend, and off brand make up the perfect outfit.  I love the cute dandy shorts and black over-sized blow tie.  It is good to know that there are significant others out there that are willing to really embrace Lolita.  (I wish my husband would dress in Aristocrat but he is not really fit for it.  He has a big beautiful beard)
I don't know what it is about Lolita make-up but I love it so much.  Simple black eye shadow, liner, and mascara make their eyes stand out and look so beautiful.  I try and do mine like that and it just does not look right on me.  I can wear the black on my upper eye but not underneath.  It makes me look like a scary emo goth kid.
I hope these pictures made you guys smile because I know it made me smile.


  1. Wow! A couple that loves the style really impresses me! Sad to say, mine (hubby) isn't a fan at all.. :( I really love the black coords! <3 and it's from Baby! Wow-oh-wow! :)

    This post made me smile! :))

  2. I want to dress up with a huge group of friends now...


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