Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pen Pal'ing with a Lolita!

Last year I got it in my head that I wanted a pen pal or two. Not only did I want a pen pal but I wanted a pen pal who was a Lolita as well. So, I made a post on egl. I told a little about myself like hobbies and interests and waited. I received many answers and ended up with 6 lovely ladies all around the country who wanted to exchange letters with me. I busily wrote all my letters, stuck stickers, and sent them out. Now, I am not sure what happened exactly but out of the 6 people who said they wanted a pen pal, only 2 responded. So if you want a pen pal you might want to start with a few and end up with a good one.
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Now, I have a really awesome pen pal from across the country. We have so much in common and our letters are always filled with so much. My mother still talks with/writes to her pen pal from high school (40 years later). I think it would be amazing to still write to my pen pal years from now.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to open my mailbox and see that pink envelope with my name on it. I hope/think my pen pal feels the same way. We both have good stationary collections (Hers is better and bigger than mine though) and our letters look so pretty. Every letter I receive is filled with stickers and look forward to getting them so much. It is fun shopping for new stickers and stationary at the store as well. I always make my way over to the sticker section of every store I go to and more often than not I find something cute to pick up.

If you want a Lolita pen pal there is a place to make that happen, Lolita Letters. Just like egl it is on livejournal. There are people on there who have posted and you can answer them or if you want, you can do a post of your own. I love the letters that I have received and I am building quite the pretty little collection. I have to purchase a pretty box to store them in. 

Do you have a pen pal? Do you have a Lolita pen pal? Or, did you ever have one like in elementary school?


  1. I have two penpals neither of them are Lolitas, but one lives in Germany and one in China.
    It's really cool to hear about the world.

  2. I used to penpal all the time before the internets became a thing [it was animu penpalling for me then]. I've tried twice with rori penpals and only was able to go a few letters in before each of them stopped writing me with no explanation as to why. It was sad since I did enjoy the letters again, but life happens to everyone I suppose ^^;

  3. So cute the envelopes letter, very creative♥

  4. Aww these letters look so cute! *-* I've never had a pen pal but I like the idea~ Maybe I should search for a Loli pen pal, that would be great <33

  5. I would love to get started, but it's hard to get past the breaking point when you're not experienced in PPing. I am a tarot reader with love for Japan, and will actively begin seeking out people to pen pal with.

    Awesome letters! Good job.

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