Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Metamorphose Airline Hats

I know this isn't really traditional Lolita wear but I have to admit, I LOVE the Meta Airline Hats.  The dresses are cute but a little too "theme" for me.  I know the hats are theme as well but look how cute they are with their little bows.  

So cute.   I have never made a hat like these before but I might try to figure it out.  I have a big soft spot for the orange and white hat.  I think the hat style and colors make it the least Lolita hat ever but I can't help but love it.  Also, I really like the scarves as well.  I think these hats look so sweet because they remind me of the hats that soda shop and ice cream shop employees used to wear.


  1. i think we should make normal air hostesses wear these outfits all the time!! haha they are adorable!

  2. @HeidiFlowersOh! I would love that. I think it might make me fly more.


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