Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazing Make Up Haul From Rite Aid

As I wrote yesterday in my post, I stopped off at my local Rite Aid that is moving. Since they are merging with another store close by they are selling their stock at 75% off. Amazing, I know! I was able to grab some make up and a few misc. items when everything was 50% off a couple weeks ago. But yesterday I did really well.
The store was baron. The whole make up section which was 3 aisles was condensed down to a small wall but it was packed with great stuff. Make up, nail polish, perfume, and other girly things. I spent 15 minutes digging through bins, scouring shelves, and sifting through the cluttered chaos and here is what I walked away with. 

I have super fair skin so I always have to buy cover up and concealer that is as pale as I can find it. I was lucky enough to find several items in the appropriate hues. I got the above products and I think I am most excited about the Physician's Formula Healthy Wear 50 SPF cover up. Since I have fair skin I burn very easily. If I go out side and the sun is out I am going to turn a little pink if not red. It is hard to find any facial product that is not sun screen that has a high SPF. Plus, the cool orange and pink bottle is really nice looking. It was only $3.75! Yes! I am super happy that I didn't have to spend $15.00 on it. The other items are great staple cover ups. I am starting to use age defying products now since in your twenties you are supposed to use prevention products that slow down the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

There was so much lip stick but I was not really in the market for any so I scouted out ti find a lip gloss or two. I was lucky enough to get one of the last Baby Lips Maybelline lip balm. It is a grape flavor and is a dark purple color and I was a bit worried it would turn my lips purple but it has almost no color at all. Just a juicy smell. I really like it. It set me back 95 cents. I know, I spent too much. I was also able to grab one of the last L'Oreal Color Juice gloss. It has a really nice cherry smell and the shine it gives is really nice. Like my lips are wet. That one was $2.12. 

Wearing false lashes is something I don't too often but sometimes I like to feel extra pretty and I will slap some on. I practically bought everything they had left in this department. It was almost all gone. 2 pair of lashes and glue. The long blue lashes are really cool and will be a really fun pair to wear. I will have to save them for a special day or event. I got all this for $4.00.

Here are all the miscellaneous items that I scooped up. The light pink eye shadow at the top left  is so pretty. It doesn't really look it in the picture or even in the container but I tried it out and it is lovely. It is so soft and has a little shimmer to it. 90 cents. How could I not buy it? I bought Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Balm. I did not even know that this was a thing until I saw it yesterday. I love it so much now. I have long nails which I don't paint often at all but I like my nails and hands to look nice so I take care of them in other ways. So this is just another way for me to make my hands look better. It has a really nice fresh scent and it feels great. 
The little lavender mirror compact is so small and thin it is perfect for my purse/bag. I think I am going to do a little deco to it. Some pink little bows and sparkles and it will be the cutest mirror ever. 
The Cover Girl Tru Mineral Blends, above and in the middle, is a very feminine and pretty pink shimmery powder. It has a little puff in the container. It has a nice light pink color to it and will come in handy when I don't feel like wearing a blush with a lot of color. It adds a nice glow and shimmer to my face. I will use it on days when I am feeling less than glowing.
The red curlers at the top right are for an experiment. My hair does not take to curling with a curling iron so I am going to try these. My hair is thin and perhaps using these with my wet hair and allowing it to do with these will be the trick to making curls stay longer than 30 minutes.
The last things I bought were green mascara, black eye liner, and super fun blue eye liner. I can never have too many eye liners and never enough mascara. 

I am sad that the Rite Aid is closing but I thankful that I was able to grab these things at great prices. It is nice to hit great sales and save lots of money. My make up collection grew quite a bit yesterday and I can't wait to use it all.

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  1. That was a bargain! I love the juice lip gloss , it has been one of my favs since college. Great post!
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