Monday, November 22, 2010

Angelic Pretty Inspired Earrings

  This past week or so I have been making earrings that are inspired by popular Angelic Pretty prints.  They are a little funky and a little different and I love them.  Check them out.  You can buy them for yourself or a friend.  Even if you don't have the print they still go with a lot of other dresses.  If you would like to purchase a pair or two just let me know in the comments.  They are $18.00 per pair and it DOES include shipping.  Not bad.  They are all available except for the Milky Berry pair but I still wanted to show them off.  I especially like the Wonder Cookie and Jewelry Jelly ones the best.
  I plan on making more.  I also want to make some that are inspired by Baby prints and perhaps some by Meta and Moi-même-Moitié.  The earring hooks are silver plated but if you need sterling ones because of allergies I could get them for you no problem.  It would just be a few more dollars, like $3.00.

Angelic Pretty Inspired Earrings

 $18.00 /pair includes shipping anywhere :)
Includes Swarovski Crystals and glass pearls.

Fantastic Dolly - Black Colorway

Jewelry Jelly - Lavender Colorway

Milky Planet - Black Colorway

Milky Berry - Pink Colorway SOLD!

Merry Making Party - Pink Colorway

Wonder Cookie - Blue Colorway

Fruits Parlour - Black Colorway

Powder Rose - Pink Colorway

MakeUp Jabot - Black Colorway

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lolita & Japanese Fashion Magazines

  I like Japanese fashion magazines and I really like having Gothic & Lolita Bibles for a few reasons.  I love fashion, I love Lolita, and I really like getting freebies.  I used to have a cute little shop that I would visit so I could buy the latest Cutie magazine and get the free goody that came with it.  I got a free purse, phone charm, mirror, hair tie, kitty bag, and other random fun things.  Now when I want any of the Japanese magazines I have to order them on-line but they cost so much new that I buy them used.  I got together most of them to share with you, take a peek.


This Cutie is a special one to me.  It is an older one from 2001 and it was given to me by a good friend from Japan when I was in community college.  

I really like KERA.  There are always ads for Baby and AP along with other brands.  It is nice to see their layouts and new prints.  They tend to be a bit more on the punk side which is just super fun to me.

Random Things
The egg magazine came from a friend in Japan who knows that I love Japanese fashion.  The Junie was also from the college friend in 2001.  Lastly, the two PHAIDON books that highlight street fashion and Lolita.

If any of you have read Paradise Kiss you will recognized Zipper as the magazine that Miwako's big sisters clothing brand  "Happy Berry" is in.

These are fun to look at, great for inspiration and ideas, and the pride of my collection (other than the old Cutie mag).

American Tokyopop Gothic & Lolita Bibles

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