Tuesday, May 29, 2012

♫ Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody ♫ print by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby did it again. They made a print that I just fell in love with instantly. The moment I saw they made a new print with cats in it I knew I was done for. And, with the name ♫ Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody ♫  how could it not be the cutest thing ever?

 I really love these JSKs. The design is pretty basic so it is almost all about the print. The flattering and classic Lolita silhouette and subtle design elements like the lace hem, smart use of bows, and pretty straps make for smart dresses. I could wear them anywhere. They are causal enough but pretty enough to be versatile. 

Now the blouse. I am not crazy about the blouse by itself. The fabric looks soft and the way it drapes is nice. The peter pan style collar and the ruffles are cute aw well. What I am not crazy about it the large bow at the neck and the larger ruffle along the collar. For some reason the proportions look wrong to me. But......

Look how nice it looks under the JSK. It comes together so well and fits perfectly. Don't you think? I could wear that coordinate everyday. It is a brand new print and they just started taking reservations for it. So, if you have a spare $500 and want your very own, it can be done. Again, I wish I had lots of money for pretty dresses and the like.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stars & Hearts Rings For Sale

Sweet Suzette Rings
$2.00 Shipping Anywhere in the World
 All rings are on adjustable in size.
Buy 3 or more get a free surprise gift. (It's a pair of earrings. Surprise!)
 More pictures HERE!
 $6.00 Each (adjustable ring)

$8.00 (chunky plastic ring) approx size 7

$14.00 Large Wind Up Robot Rings (Set)

Just let me know which rings you would like by listing the number to scoop up and give me your paypal e-mail address. If you want to do cash in the mail, check in the mail, or money order that is fine too.   If you wish you may also e-mail me at AmanoUsagi@gmail.com if that is what you wish.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Loli-able New Finds and Extras

There are no stores around me that sell Lolita or anything close to Lolita items and not many stores around that have "loli-able" items either. But, sometimes you can still find a treasure or two hidden away. Target seems to be a good one that can have a loli-able find or two and now there is a new Forever 21 near the Target and I found a couple things there. One good thing about these stores and the things you can find there is that the prices tend to very reasonable which you don't find in Lolita all the often. It is an expensive hobby and lifestyle. This past weekend and a few weeks ago I made a few purchases and I wanted to show you guys and gals. So, here we go. 

Forever 21 Finds
 New wallets are always fun to me for some reason. I am not sure why but I really love getting wallets and bags. These two were scooped up at the Grand Opening of my local Forever 21. They had a spinning rack full of cute and funky wallets and I wanted a few  so i went for it. There was a sign above them that said "Buy any two for $9.99" so I chose my two and went on my way. The top one reminded me of an Angelic Pretty wallet, gee I wonder why? The smaller oui! oui! wallet was just so pink and cute I had to have it. It is a smaller style wallet that only holds the really important stuff like money, cards, and that is it but I still really like it. I also bought a couple scarves but they aren't too exciting so I didn't take pictures of them. All in all I got two scarves and 2 wallets for about $22. Not bad at all.

Target Finds
 Again, I love new purses and bags. Target often has a cute bag that with a little help can be cute as a button and perfect in Lolita. I found this cute mint bag this weekend for just under $25. They had 2 bags together that were this mint color, the one above, and then another one that looked very similar to the pink sparkle bag that I bought from Target as well several months ago. I really like it but I didn't think that I needed another one so similar. If it had been cheaper I might have gotten both but not at $25 each. I will have to keep an eye out and see if I can get it for a sale price. This one has lots of pockets and zipper pouches which I like because it keeps you a little bit more organized. Once I "cute it up" I will take a picture of it so you can see how cute it is.

 What a cute pair the bag and wallet make together. Pink and mint go so well together.

Now, I know these aren't Lolita but I just love them. All the people I was with when I was at target got sun glasses together. My husband got some cool brown ones and i scooped up these Cat Woman style glasses. Being a kid who grew up reading comics and manga I love to add touches of geeky stuff to all my life. Cat Woman has been a favorite comic hero of mine for some time. Mostly the cartoon and comic Cat Woman, not the movies so much. These glasses just made me think of her goggles. In a weird way they look really good with a black Lolita dress that I wear often.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Starry Eyed Lolita - Stars in Lolita

Lolita has many constants in the aesthetic but there are always fads that come and go. Wigs are big right now, deer and fawns were popular, and head dresses used to all the rage. Amidst all these comings and goings one things that has stuck around is stars. They are everywhere in Lolita. They are popular in prints in accessories and why not? They are super cute and have really positive ideas and feelings connected to them. Stars make me think of dreams, goals, flying, wishes, light, and happiness. 

Angelic Pretty is the brand that uses stars the most I believe.  They love making prints with stars sprinkled around and making jewelry with twinkling stars. So much of their jewelry looks like candy with the pretty pastel colors that they use. I love it. What I wouldn't give for every star themed piece of jewelry that they made.  Angelic Pretty always has a bit of a funky thing going on that I like. A very young and playful feeling.

 As much as AP is funky, Baby the Stars Shine Bright is lovely and elegant. So much of their stuff makes me feel like a princess, like a lady. The above star necklace and rings are so pretty. The soft glowing gold, pearls, and the pink B logo go so well together. These two pieces bring together some of my favorite things in jewelry. Pearls! I love pearls. Plus, they look so good with gold and pink. Pink is my favorite color. It is so girly and goes so well with Lolita.

 The infamous Chocomint Star 2-way clip. I don't know how and why it caught on like it did but Lolitas can not get enough of this clip. I kind of feel like I might be half a Lolita because I don't have one. I must admit that they are super cute. I love that it is a brooch and a hair clip. Versatility. I have been making pastel resin stars and I think they could make a cute clip like these ones. I might just make my own instead of buying the original. Why not?

 Lolita bags are the best! One day when I don't wear Lolita for whatever reason I think I will still use the bags. They are just too cool. There is such a range, from sweet to goth, there are just so many to choose from. The two above are two that I would really like to own in the future. I have a small collection of Lolita bags and I don't think any of them are stars. These are made by Loris and you can pick them up on QutieLand.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Lolita Highlight: Stellagemellata

Spring is in full swing now and I think Spring is the most daring of all the seasons. The world is starting over, waking up, and it is a time for newness. That means I am doing this highlight on a "newer" part of Lolita, Bitter Sweet. Bitter Sweet is a mix of the Sweet style and adding dark accents. I don't think it is its own style or genre yet but it is tossed around a bit. I rather like it. 
Stellagemellata is an adventurous Lolita who is very good at Bitter Sweet Lolita and adding bits of punk and alternative style to her co-ords. People who play around with their co-ords and have a little fun make me happy. Yes, there are rules in Lolita but that doesn't mean you can't bend and play around with them.
How cool is she? A bad ass Lolita for sure. I would not mess with her. Her JSK, pink blouse, black tights and boots, and black biker jacket make a nice combination.  It is a nice outfit for a spring day. I really enjoy walking around in public wearing my Lolita co-ords proudly and her outfit above would be one I would love showing off.

 This outfit is just plain adorable. Light pink and black are such nice colors together. They compliment each other very well, especially in Lolita. Her shoes are amazing as well. I love shoes and boots with big heels and high platforms but I don't how tall they make me. Stellagemellata says the same thing in her post. Even though she is short they make her tower over a lot of people. I think people get confy with their height and when it is changed a  lot it just feels weird.

On top of her cute Daily Lolita post she has a blog as well, Under the Glass Umbrella. I found it through her post on Daily Lolita and now I follow it. you might want to as well. She has posts about her daily co-ords, fashion shows, Monster High dolls, occasional videos, and more. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tokyo Rebel

Since Japanese fashion and Lolita are growing in popularity all over the world and in the USA there are stores popping up that sell Japanese clothing. Many of the shops are on the West Coast. Angelic Pretty , h. NAOTO, and Baby the Stars Shine Bright are available to the girls and guys of San Francisco. Lucky Ducks! If I lived anywhere near them I would never eat because all of my money would go towards their shops.

For us East Coasters there is a small but amazing shop, Tokyo Rebel. Based in NYC at 170 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009. I have been lucky enough to visit the shop and I wish I lived in the city so I could see it all the time. They sell Lolita clothing, accessories, parasols, magazines, mooks, bags, deco goodies, and more. On top of Lolita things they sell punk items. I was able to snag a pair of Innocent World white crest socks and a pair or Angelic Pretty strawberry white lace wrist cuffs. It was really awesome to be able to look at the items in person instead of on line.
It is owned by a husband and wife. I have only had the opportunity to meet the husband but he was very nice and friendly. On my visit I was allowed to take pictures which was very nice because often shops that sell brand have a no photo policy. I was able to take a few snaps of the shop and some of the items. The shop has a window out front next to their door where they show off a coord on a dress form. It is just a sneak peek of what they have in the shop. Inside they have funky music playing and tons of things to buy lining the walls. I have never been to any place like it because I live in a pretty "non-city" area.

 Tokyo Rebel is very active on line. They have a website, blog, Facebook page, You Tube page, and more. I really like their updates of what they have in the shop. Seeing their new stock is always fun and it is nice to dream about buying all the fun new goodies. This particular video shows off one of my favorite dresses. So, check them out. You will be happy you did. I hope to visit their shop again soon and take more pictures.
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