Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Cute Lolita Stationary

  This isn't brand new but it is still really pretty and perhaps some of you missed it.  Deviant Art artist Dark Devi made a design for your next Lolita letter.  I don't send much snail mail but this will give me an excuse to.  

Click here for her Deviant Art page.
  She posted it on EGL a few months ago and I loved it when I saw it.  She said that she did it because she got a nice new pen and wanted to use it.  I think it is serving her well.  I know what she means though.  Whenever I get new art supplies, sewing supplies, or any other new things I can't wait to use them.. And, they make for good inspiration. 
It must have taken her a bit of time to finish this piece.  There is so much detail in the whole thing.  The lace and ribbon along the top is so real looking.  The girl as well has pretty details to her.  Her hair, stockings, and blouse have many fine ruffles and ribbons.  Lovely.
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