Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lolita Up Do's

  I have pretty long hair and I like to wear it up.  Buns, braids, pig tails, pony tails, and more.  Since I get to wear Lolita everyday I try to make my hair styles match well but I don't want to spend a lot of time on doing my hair.  The only times I really spend a considerable amount of time on my hair is on the weekend.  Even though I have so much love for wearing my hair up I find I don't like pigtails all that much anymore.  If this was me from 4 years ago I would be singing pig tail praises.  Since I am getting a little older I find wearing them with Lolita starts to look like age play a bit.  Too 8 year old. 
Looking on Daily Lolita I see the majority of people wear either full wavy wigs that are in pig tails or just down.  Both are super pretty but it is nice to see things that are different as well.  Looking through the latest Gothic and Lolita Bible I saw quite a few up do's that really caught my eye.  I might even steal some of them and use the styles for myself.  Here are some of my favs!

I think i might be able to do most of these styles without bringing fake hair into the situation.  The top one would need some fake hair though.  That style has some height and weight.  Perhaps I will attempt all of these (and other styles from the GL&B).  
So, break out of the Lolita mold and try some nice up do's.  We don't all need long wavy hair w/ bangs.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Elf Cosmetics

  Last weekend I went to the local Target just for fun and found something new and interesting in the cosmetic section.  They now have a small section of Elf products.  I had never heard of them but boy was I excited to see what I saw.  CHEAP cosmetics.  Like, there were many things that were only $1a piece.  I got so excited that I grabbed a bunch of things and made a make shift basket out of my new shirt that I was buying.  The selection that they had was not super huge but there was enough to make me happy.  Here is the haul.

I love getting new makeup brushes.  These ones were just $1 a piece and not bad.  The large one (on top) is very nice and I use it to even out the cover up and eye primer.  The small brush (the bottom) is for cover up as well but I am going to be using it for my eyes/eyeshadow.  The small brush came apart though.  I had to glue it back together.  No big deal.

About 2 months ago I looked EVERYWHERE for a nice eye primer and could not find any or I found one that was way too expensive.  When I saw this one I snatched it up fast.  It has a nice consistency to it and blends in well.  Ever since I saw a good make up tutorial on YouTube I have wanted eye primer and now I have some.  Yea!

I bought this color stick thinking it was pinker than the actual color.  It is a gold/bronze color and it does not really look good on my skin tone.  I night give it away to a friend.

Just like the eye primer I looked everywhere for a light shimmer.  Elf to the rescue.  I find a tiny bit of shimmer on the tip of my nose and the dip just above my top lip make me look dewy and healthy.

I haven't really gotten into the whole fake eyelash thing.  I rub my eyes too much to really wear a lot on my eyes.  I have to use all my willpower not to rub off my eyeshadow and mascara.  I think this weekend I will try going all out with falsies and all.  These ones were only $1 so I figured that if they came off in 10 minutes it wasn't a huge loss.

This was a build your own eyeshadow pallet.  It came with 4 empty spots.  The pallet w/ mirror and applicator was only $1.  Each eyeshadow color was also $1.  I chose a basic black and white.  I like to use the white as a highlighting color to brighten up my eyes and I use the black as an eye liner to make my lashes fuller.  The pink and lavender are 2 regular colors that get used on an almost daily basis.

Lastly, I got a nice simple mirror for my bag.  It was one dollar and should serve me well.

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