Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sailor Moon Steampunk Cosplay Update

I have been a busy little bee and spend most of my free time at home sewing. It seems like everything that involves sewing takes 3 times longer than you think it is going to. I have a week and a half to finish the outfit and I think I am right on track. I have several things done (blouse, gloves, bag) and everything else is well on it's way. I will be sewing the skirts this week and once they are done all I have to do is the accessories, boots, spats, and a bow.
The underbust corset took longer than I had wanted but I kind of knew that was going to happen. Trying a corset in a week is a lofty goal. But, with a little extra time it got done. I don't want to give the entire outfit away yet but I did take some pictures of what is done so far. I think I like the bag most of all, and the gloves. They turned out to be cooler than I thought they were going to be. Fancier. So, onto the pictures. Everything still is a work in progress and could change.

Sailor Moon Steampunk, Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon CosplaySailor Moon Steampunk, Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon Steampunk, Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon CosplaySailor Moon Steampunk, Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Cosplay
Sewing the corset went pretty okay. It took a long time but I didn't make any major mistakes and it fits well. I was a little concerned that I would have troubled making it so once it has been so long but it all worked out. The fingerless gloves are not connected to the sleeves of the blouse I just needed to pin them on so they could be seen nicely. The lace along the hem of the gloves is so pretty and looks so lovely. It is very flattering.

I need to fit the blouse and add a few little changes but that won't take long. The bag is something that I am excited about. I needed something to carry my essential items in so I thought a nice satchel/bag that I could hook onto the bottom of the corset would be prefect. A few loops and a little hook or two and it will be perfect. Enough to carry my phone, id, money, chap stick, a little make up, and odds and ends.

Well, I could go on and on but I want to leave a little for later and my next post when the skirts and boots are on their way to being done.

What do you ladies and gents think of it so far? Like it? Hate it? Do you have any ideas to improve it?

Monday, March 4, 2013

February Monthly Make Up Boxes

It is official! I love monthly make up boxes. I now subscribe to 3 and I want to have so many more but I don't have the money for it. 3 is enough though, more than enough. I subscribe to Ipsy, Birchbox, and Eco Emi. I have only received boxes from Ipsy and Birchbox and I will start getting them from Eco Emi at the end of the month. Here are the things that I got this month.

Birchbox, Birchbox February, Birchbox February Make Up
Birchbox, Birchbox February, Birchbox February Make Up
Birchbox, Birchbox February, Birchbox February Make Up
 I was very excited to get my very first Birchbox. It is $10 per month just like Ipsy and like many of the monthly make up boxes. There are so many of them and they range anywhere from $10 to $45. for my $10 I received 5 items. My box contained Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint, WEI™’s Eye Treatment pads, TIGI Catwalk Session Series Styling Cream, a black Twistband™ Headband, and a Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel SQUARE. Lots of good stuff, I know. 

The black Twistband is a large headband size and I am very excited that I got this one instead of the hair tie because I can make two hair ties out of the headband. I don't use headbands but I do use hair ties each and everyday. I nibbled on the chocolate right after I took these pictures and the caramel is so yummy. The Jouer tint is in the cutest little sample size and perfect to throw in your make up bag for when I go on vacation. I tried it one day and it is really pretty. It has a pearly thing going on.

I haven't used the TIGI hair styling cream yet but I think I am going to bring it with me at the end of the month when I do my hair in the Sailor Moon style. I did smell it though and it has a pretty smell. The size of the sample is really good as well. I haven't tried the WEI Eye pads but I am very excited to do so. They actually sent two sets so my husband is going to try them with me. It will be fun. I have dark circle under my eyes and he has bags under his so we both could use a little attention/care for our eyes.

In addition to the great beauty/health items that come in the box, I am going to keep the nice box and pink tissue paper. The box is a great smallish size and very sturdy so I am going to collect them all year and use them for gift giving for birthdays and for Christmas.  I really liked my first Birchbox and can't wait for my second.

Ipsy, February Ipsy, February Ipsy Make up
Ipsy, February Ipsy, February Ipsy Make up
Ipsy, February Ipsy, February Ipsy Make up
Ipsy is a pretty great make up of the month subscription and I think I will be keeping it for quite some time. I really like that it goes hand in hand with Michelle Phan and you get all of her make up and beauty videos. I know you don't need to subscribe to Ipsy to get the videos on Youtube but I like how well they fit together. She always does videos using the items that comes in your bag. 

This bag included  MICA gel eye liner, a small 4 set palette of Coastal Scents eye shadow, pop mascara, Lash Cards, and Pixi primer. I was quite excited to get most of these items. I have been in the market for a good primer but I don't want to commit and buy a $25 one just to end up not liking it. I tried the Pixi primer and it is very nice. It feels nice, looks good, has a subtle smell, and has a nice glow to it. It is definitely in the running to be my new primer. The lash cards are going to be saved for when I am going for dramatic eyes and wearing false lashes.

The pop mascara is a nice little mascara that goes on well and is a great size for your purse or for when you are traveling. I don't have any complaints about it in the week of using it. The MICA gel eye liner is a good standard gel eye liner. It goes on well and stays on for quite a long time. It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of using a small brush  it is no problem. I love my liquid eye liner and I don't think I will be switching any time soon. This is the second Coastal Scents eye shadow palette that I have received and they are really cute. The first one I got was in the blue family and this one is in the yellow/bronze family. It actually looks very nice on my skin/skin tone. Coastal Scents is a really good inexpensive quality eye shadow. They have about a million colors so you can find what you want. I actually just got a palette of 252 colors for $13 through Ipsy.

Now that we are into March I will be getting my next round of boxes. I will get my Ipsy bag and my Birchbox in the middle of the month around the 20th and then my Eco Emi at the very end of the month. The theme for March's Ipsy bag is an aquatic/sailor/travel thing and I really am excited. The bag has quite anchors on  it and anything sailor themed is pretty awesome. 

What do you think of the monthly make up subscriptions? Do you think they are worth it or do you think it is better just to take the $10 and buy something that you want?  

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sailor Moon Steampunk Cosplay for PAX East 2013

It is that time of the year again for me when I am getting ready for the best and only convention that I go to. This year I have decided to make one super awesome costume instead or 2/3 that are good. I am working my little hands off making a Steampunk Sailor Moon cosplay. I did a little googling and there really haven't been any Steampunk themed Sailor Moons. I came upon a few that were called Steampunk but they were less than impressive (They basically just added a corset and called it a day) so I am more than happy to make mine.
 I worked on the design for quite a while and took my time because I have never made a Steampunk anything so I wanted to do it right. Plus, I always take a long time to design. I am happy with what I have come up with. I had to keep many things in mind when I did design it. Low cost, comfort, actually creatable (possible designs), and a nice blend of Sailor Moon and Steampunk.

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon
 The above picture is nothing fancy an is just a layout of the pieces that I am making so I know the exact plan that I am going to follow. The blouse is pretty close to the original (see original outfit below), I just changed the sleeves and made the bust gathered. It will have a brown faux leather  underbust corset. to go over the bottom of the blouse. I haven't made a corset in a few years so it will be a relearning experience.
There will be 2 skirts, a bubble skirt and then a pleated blue skirt trimmed with lace. The back of the pleated skirt will have 3 layers of  pleating and a bustle style back. as far as accessories go I will paint and decorate an old pair of boots, sew faux leather gloves, and several ribbon things like bows and necklaces.

I am going to be taking pictures as everything comes along. I have purchased almost everything that I need so I can blaze ahead. As of right now I have cut out the blouse pieces and have started to sew them together. It will take a little longer to sew everything just because there is going to be lots of little details on everything. Embroidery, extra stitching, and hand sewing. Here is the first peek of everything that will soon be an outfit and accessories.

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon
 Pictured is the faux leather brown fabric (gloves, corset, and a few tiny things). And, don't worry. For those of you who are into corsets and know more about making them. I do have coutil fabric to make the corset with. The faux leather will go on the outside. The two light tan fabrics will be for the blouse and underskirt. The two dark blue fabrics are for the sailor style collar and the pleated skirt. My husband bought me the awesome goggles and they are going to be tweaked to look like Sailor Moon's original goggles. The long metal things are the boning that goes in the corset to make it stiff. Everything else is for decorating. Gears, cogs, stars, keys, D rings, and tiny tiny small little gears.

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon

Steampunk Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Design, Steam Punk Sailor Moon

I will be sure to take some pictures tomorrow when I am sewing so I can show my progress so far. I have less than a month to finish so it will happen pretty quickly. I can't wait for it to be done so I can see the final product and smile. It always feels so good at the end to see your accomplishment. I really hope it comes out well and that everyone likes it. I have been planning my make up and hairstyle in my head. I am most definitely going to sport the odago/bun hair style, you have to with Sailor Moon. 

If you could make or just buy a Steampunk version of anything, what would it be? Adventure Time? Disney Princess? Lolita?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pen Pal'ing with a Lolita!

Last year I got it in my head that I wanted a pen pal or two. Not only did I want a pen pal but I wanted a pen pal who was a Lolita as well. So, I made a post on egl. I told a little about myself like hobbies and interests and waited. I received many answers and ended up with 6 lovely ladies all around the country who wanted to exchange letters with me. I busily wrote all my letters, stuck stickers, and sent them out. Now, I am not sure what happened exactly but out of the 6 people who said they wanted a pen pal, only 2 responded. So if you want a pen pal you might want to start with a few and end up with a good one.
lolita pen pal, lolita letters, cute envelopes

Now, I have a really awesome pen pal from across the country. We have so much in common and our letters are always filled with so much. My mother still talks with/writes to her pen pal from high school (40 years later). I think it would be amazing to still write to my pen pal years from now.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to open my mailbox and see that pink envelope with my name on it. I hope/think my pen pal feels the same way. We both have good stationary collections (Hers is better and bigger than mine though) and our letters look so pretty. Every letter I receive is filled with stickers and look forward to getting them so much. It is fun shopping for new stickers and stationary at the store as well. I always make my way over to the sticker section of every store I go to and more often than not I find something cute to pick up.

If you want a Lolita pen pal there is a place to make that happen, Lolita Letters. Just like egl it is on livejournal. There are people on there who have posted and you can answer them or if you want, you can do a post of your own. I love the letters that I have received and I am building quite the pretty little collection. I have to purchase a pretty box to store them in. 

Do you have a pen pal? Do you have a Lolita pen pal? Or, did you ever have one like in elementary school?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lolita Challenge 2 of 52

Lolita 52 Challenge, 5 Movies for Lolitas

5 Movies for Lolitas
I wanted to make a list that was a little off the beaten path. i could have gone with all the obvious ones like Kamikaze Girls, Marie Antoinette, and  Psycho Gothic Lolita. I think those were on many lists and I thought I would try not to repeat as to spice it up a little. It took a little brain storming but I am more than happy with my list and really do recommend you take a peek at each of them. I think I made these choices because some of them are visually beautiful and remind me of Lolita in that way. Different and stunning. Some, are innocent like Lolita and have the sweet and pure feel that I get from Lolita.

The Fall
The Fall
I'm  not exactly sure how I found The Fall but I am so happy that it is in my life. It is just a visually gorgeous movie that has an amazing visual style. You can watch a trailer here to get an idea for the feel and look. This movie is about a man and a young girl in a hospital. The man tells a story to the girl in hopes that he can trick her into stealing medicine for him in order to commit suicide. I know it wounds a bit depressing and it is a little but the ending and the visuals make up for it. It is a touching story. for those of you with a Netflix subscription it is streaming here. If this movie was a brand, I believe it would be Metamorphose. Lovely, but not afraid to try visually interesting things.

A Little Princess
A Little Princess
Alright, I might have chosen this movie because it is a childhood favorite of mine but I think it deserves to be on the list.  A Little Princess is about a young wealthy girl who is sent to a girls boarding school when here father goes off to war.  Her father is lost in the war and along with him, all of their money is gone. Sarah now lives in the school as a servant but still believes that all girls are princesses and wants everyone to believe it as well. It is such a sweet story, see more here. This movie and Innocent World are so similar to me, it is like they are the same exact thing. 

Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth
 I remember seeing this movie not really knowing what it was. I saw a few pictures online and I thought it was going to be a sweet fairy tale and that was it. Boy! That was not at all what I got. It is indeed a fairy tale but a dark one filled with violence, amazing and scary creatures, and lots of obstacles for our heroine to over come. Take a peek at the trailer and see more. Just like The Fall it is a visual movie but just not as bright, this is a very dark movie (visually and story wise). 

The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden holds a special place in my heart as a childhood favorite just like A Little Princess. The whole movie is like like the garden. In the beginning everything and everyone is like the garden. Grey, neglected, and unloved. As it progresses Mary (the young girl above) helps to bring life back to the garden and people around her, including herself. It has a super sweet trailer that I am sure will make you want to watch it right away. This movie reminds me of Baby the Stars Shine Bright. There is even a print call The Secret Garden that is exactly like the movie.

 Gorgeous movie. That sums it up very nicely. Such a cool movie. The story, the music, the costumes, the visuals, and the characters make it just so cool. It is about a girl, Helena, who works with here parents in a carnival and she wants something different and wants to do her own thing. She then finds herself in a world of her own creation but needs to save her mother and find her way back home. Watch the trailer here. If you don't want to watch the trailer please please please watch this video of Close to You that will be stuck in your head all day and you will like it. It is one of my favorite parts of the movie. I think this movie would be Moi-meme-Moitie. Dark and interesting.

Well, that a bit of a long post but it is a good one I think. There are so many more of these to do, 50 more to be specific. What did you think of my list? Do you agree with ay of these chosen movies or have done it all wrong? Will you watch any of them because I recommended them to you? I hope so.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge 1 of 52

Welcome! Here is the first of many posts. I really do hope that you ladies and gents enjoy them. Do keep in mind that all the answers are my opinion. I am going to answer all these questions to the best of my ability, tell the truth, and hopefully make them slightly entertaining. I think I will learn a little but about myself and Lolita along the way too. When I breezed through the topics I saw a few that were going to make me thing. So, here we go.....

 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style.
Lolita 52 Challenge, White Btssb Coat, Pink Meta Bag, White AP boots
This one took a little time for me to decide on. There were several things that went on the list and then were edited off because they didn't apply to all styles. A petticoat was one that I wanted on the list but petticoats are not used in Boy Style or Kodona.

I know they can be quite pricey if you want to invest in a brand coat or jacket. The price hovers around $300-$400 for a coat or jacket from AP, Btssb, and Meta. Even if you don't want to spend that much there are alternatives to choose from. Fan Plus Friend, the egl sales comm, and finding "Lolitable" jackets. I found my jacket at Target and it goes well with Lolita.

I know that might just love boots and think that everyone else should love them as much as I do but I think they are a very important part of any Lolitas wardrobe. Whether they are to the ankle or all the way up to the knee, there is something special about a boot. I think they are flattering on everyone and  believe that you can never have too many boots.

Just like the boots, I think that having around 600 Lolita bags is just about right. If you can only have 1 Lolita bag I would go with a white or black, or even a pink if your wardrobe is primarily Sweet. I only have 5 or 6 but I want many more. When I first got into Lolita I had a complete outfit but not a bag and I felt incomplete. 

If you walk anywhere in your Lolita best than you are going to want to protect it from the elements with a parasol or umbrella. Anytime that isn't Winter I am walking around my town and I never leave without my parasol. It keeps you cooler and protects your skin from sun burn. It makes it a little it easier to wear a blouse, bloomers, a petticoat, and all those layers on a warm day.

Knee High or Thigh High Socks:
I think most Lolitas have a collection of cute socks that warrant their own drawer. Most of my Lolita socks are off brand but I still love seeing all the pastel colors, lace, prints, and prettiness when I open my top drawer. It's just socks! So many socks! There are a good Lolita item to stock up on because they are inexpensive (when it comes to Lolita prices, socks are cheap) and socks can change the look of a whole coordinate.
Sorry this post took a bit to go up, I have been  a little sick and therefor unmotivated. What do you think about my list? Do you agree completely or think I got it all wrong? Do you think that I am missing something obvious?  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Lolita Highlight: Cyehra

It has been a little while since there has been a Daily Lolita Highlight and I think this particular one is was worth the wait. Cyehra not only shows off her amazing coordination skills, she also shows off her AMAZING designing skills. All the dresses that are pictured are of her own creations. So, feast your little lovely Lolita eyes on these pictures.

 Everything about this is just perfect. The dress, the pose, her hair and make up, and the way the photo was taken. It's so dramatic and professional. I feel as if I would see this in a magazine as part of a photo spread. I'm not sure why but I get a Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood vibe from this. I think it is the fog. I can hear the wolf on the prowl and it almost looks like she looking out for him. 
I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. The cute capped sleeves and the gold and wine go together splendidly.  I feel like that color combo is flattering on a lot of people. I wish I had oodles of money because I would buy one of everything that she has.

 Okay, the word that comes to mind when I see these is just plain cute. So cute. First off, I want to steal her star bag that she has in the second picture (okay, now that I said that I can go on). I like the way she coordinated the JSK in both pictures but I think the first one is my personal favorite. The dark haired braids, long sleeves, and the pink beret really get me. You don't see a lot of pigtail braids in Lolita but I really like it. It's cute and it is easy to do. Plus, now we know it looks double cute with a beret.

I saved this one for last because it was my absolute favorite out of all of them. How could it not be? Black, ruffles, and an awesome Pegasus unicorn.  3 awesome things all together and it makes a dream dress for me. And these pictures. It doesn't get much better than these. It is so frigid feeling and shows off the JSK so well. The fabric that she used to make this JSK is perfect for the design and looks lovely.  The chiffon is so light and makes for perfect ruffles. Yea chiffon ruffles!

When I dug a little deeper I found out she had several things that everyone might be interested in. Not only does she post super cute posts on Daily Lolita but she also has a facebook page for herself and her designs, StarPirates.  In additions to those she also has a really cute blog, Shine Like a Little Bright Star. I really suggest you check them all out. Her blog is fun and has great pictures of her designs. Some of it is in English and some of it isn't, but that is okay. She posts so many pictures you can get the gist of what she is talking about even if you can't understand the words. 

I didn't post all the pictures that she has on her post so I really suggest popping over and checking it all out. I love the black Unicorn Pegasus dress. Which dress is your favorite dress?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Phone Accessories and a New Phone

When I went on that little shopping spree on ebay I not only bought jewelry but I bought a few things for my fancy new phone. I picked up a few cases/covers and the cute little plugs that go in the head phone jack. They were all super inexpensive, 99 cents to $1.50. Here they are.
phone case, pink phone case, pink phone cover
 I wanted a few different colors so I could switch the cover to something different when the mood struck. Black and white are good old reliable colors and they I also picked up some pink. I just really like pink. I plan on decorating all the cases. I don't know if I am going to to the all out deco like you see with so many phones. I like it, all the sparkles, pearls, craziness, and detail, but I am not feeling it for my own phone. I think I will go with a more subtle look.
 As soon as I got my new phone I put the light pink case and black kitty on it. How cute is that? I love cats so much. I couldn't help myself when I saw the cat plug.
I wanted several plugs for the phone and these are the cute little ones that I picked out. Of course, cats. The two cats together are just the cutest thing. They look like they are hanging onto the phone and dangling their little butts down. The fuchsia sparkly heart matches the dark pink case to a T. It is so good. The little crown one came with a random color gem in the middle so I didn't get to choose it but I am happy with the color that I got. Amethyst is my birth stone and it always welcome. My favorite part of the crown plus is that it has the little loop to add a dangle charm to it. I miss the old style of cell phones that had a bigger loop to add lots of charms. All the new phones are so plain and have no way of attaching charms.

I have to put a little time aside to decorate the cases. I have been so busy lately and it will never get done unless I specifically set aside a chunk of time to do it. I look forward to having a fancy phone with a fancy case and a fancy plug. Fanciness everywhere!

Do you have a fancy or cute phone? If so, what does it look like?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cute Pens and Pencils - Bringing a Little Lolita to Work

cool penicl case
I work at a front desk so I always need a pen or pencil. I keep my own that I carry in my bag because if I left them at work they would disappear. Since I have them for such a long time I am not afraid to spend a couple dollars on each one. I knew I wanted a few new pens and pencils that were super cute so I hit the internet hard looking for some. Pastels, little animal themes, and other cute things were a necessity for my new writing implements. Since I try to integrate Lolita into my life as much as possible super cute writing tools are a necessity. So, I went onto Cool Pencil Case and found exactly what I wanted. I don't know what it is about having a really cute pen/pencil. I enjoy writing more. I think it might make me write a little neater as well. Here are the cute pens/pencils that I picked up.

lolita pens, lolita pencil, cute pens, cute pencil, miffy pen, kawaii pens, pastel pens, cool pencil casecute pens, cute pencil, miffy pen, kawaii pens, pastel pens, cool pencil case
 I wanted to buy a range of colors but keep it in the pastel family. I always love pink and have to make conscious decisions not to just buy all pink. It is nice to have a selection. It helps me so I don't get bored. First, I have to say the blue pen with the puff ball is not from Cool Pencil Case. It was a pen that I already had but it was too cute not to show off.
Of all the pens and pencils my favorite is the light yellow pen with the gold crown on top. It is really heavy and feels nice when you are writing with it. Plus, I am trying to add more yellow to my things (clothing, accessories, and everything) and this pretty pen is great. All together I picked up 2 Miffy pens (1 is not pictured), the yellow crown pen, the pink bunny clicky pencil, the sheep pen, and the white cat eraser (pictured below).
cat eraser, cute kitty eraser, cute eraser, white cat eraser

They all feel nice and write nice as well. One thing I really care about is the way a pen feels when you are writing with it and how it looks on paper. I made sure that I picked up pens with a small point. I write pretty tiny so I like a precise pen/pencil. Nothing to big or bubbly. The yellow crown pen is the best I think. The prices are very reasonable as well. I looked for the less expensive items. I paid $1.50-$3.25 for each item. Not bad, eh? I also got free shipping and it was fast too! Free shipping is the best. Right now, there is free shipping on all orders over $20.

I was only in the market for pens and pencils but they sell a wide range of school, work, and office items. Stickers, pencil cases (obviously), journals, tape, calculators, letter sets, and way more. It makes me wish that I had a little shopping spree for their site. If you are in the market for cute little work/school/office things, hop on over to their site.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jewelry On the Cheap

After Christmas I had a little money for spending and I knew I wanted to pick up some new jewelry. I didn't want to spend much but I wanted to get something for myself. Watching a Michelle Phan video I saw she was wearing one of those super cool rings that cover 3/4 of her finger. I have had a soft spot for those rings since I saw Angelina Jolie wear one in the movie Hackers. (She was so cool in that movie) I knew that I wanted that style of rings so I hit Google hard and found a couple that I liked but, I wasn't willing to spend the money they were asking for. ($35-$100) 
In my searching I found a shop on ebay that had what looked like what I wanted and it was 99 cents and had free shipping. How could that possibly be a better deal? The only draw back was that it was shipping for China and it would take 3-4 weeks to get to me. So, not only did I pick up my super cool super new armor style ring but I scooped up a bunch of other rings, bracelets, necklaces, and a couple other odds and ends for a buck. 
Now, everything has come in. I got the last little parcel a couple days ago and I was really happy with everything I picked out. I knew some of the items weren't going to be of the best quality but I figured that some of them would be nice. Here is what I picked up and how I feel about the items....

bracelets, pearl bracelet, crystal bracelet, elastic necklace, bow bracelet
 Bracelets. Pearls are so lovely in and out of Lolita and I could wear them everyday. Both of the bracelets are elastic so they are easy to get on. Each day I wear the same old bracelets and I am trying to beef up my collection so I can change them each day. Costume jewelry is the best because it is so inexpensive and if you break or lose it, it really isn't that big of a deal.

locket necklace, bunny locket,pink bunny locket necklace, locket and bow necklaceWings necklace, wings jewelry

I have more necklaces than I know what to do with but I just had to snag these ones. I really love the pink bunny locket necklace for Lolita. I can see it being a jumping off point and inspiration for a really cute coord. Something that is all pink and browns. Perhaps a mix of classic and country. The wings necklace I got because I thought it might be good to use with the Steampunk Sailor Moon Cosplay that I am working on for PAX East in March. I thought it might be good for the locket/brooch. These pieces are nice for a dollar but they feel like dollar jewelry. I have a feeling they are going to need the occasional repair.

Gold RIngs, Crown Ring, Tiara Ring, Cute Rings, Royal Rings, Gold and Crystal Crown RIng
 I went a little wild with the whole crown and tiara look. I just liked these little royal rings too much not to get them. I have to say the one in the middle is my favorite. It is the nicest looking one in real life, it is sturdy and heavy, and it fits my ring finger like a dream. I am actually wearing it right now. The heart tiara ring is a little cheap feeling and a bit small for me. I am not sure what I am going to do with it right now but I am sure I can come up with something. The simple crown ring on the right is subtle and nice. All of the rings I bought I painted with clear nail polish on the inside of them.This way my fingers don't turn green and my rings will look better longer. It really helps with the quality of the pieces.

Stackable Rings, Red Heart RIngs, Gold Stackable Rings, Rose RIng, Gold Pearl Ring
 These 2 stackable ring sets are pretty pretty. The brass rings with the red heart feel sturdy and look nice.  You can stack them a couple different ways and they fit me well enough. They are more a serious color scheme and I don't know if anything in my Lolita closet will match. The Gold Rose and Pearl Rings feel very cheap and are just the smallest rings ever. Even with these drawbacks they are still pretty and I love the colors. I think I will wear them on a necklace. That would look pretty, right? Especially with a Lolita coord.

cat ring, cat ears ring, ears ring, silver cat ring, silver ears cat ringeagle talon ring, silver talon ring
 Not only did I get pretty rings, I got a couple cool ones as well. I LOVE cats and I just had to have the cat ear ring. I am so happy with. It is the best feeling ring out of all of them. It feels heavy and sturdy and it fits amazingly. I wore it yesterday and was showing it off to everyone. They really liked it and said they weren't surprised that I had purchased a ring with cat ears.
The eagle talon ring with just an impulse buy but I think it is pretty cool. Kind of bad ass. I think I will wear it on days when I need a little kick ass attitude. It feels nice and fits well as well.

leaf ring, silver leaf ring, wings ring, silver wings ring,
 I wear all metals and find that they can completely change the feeling of a coord. As soft and rich as gold is there is something about the bright and pure look of silver. The leaf ring reminded me of the brooch's that they wear in Lord of the Rings. It is a little cheap feeling but as long as I don't wear it too often and don't abuse it, it will be okay.
The cute little wings ring (it might be a little hard to make out in this picture) is so cute I can't even tell you. When you wear it, it just looks like two little silver wings setting in between your fingers. Unfortunately, it is really cheap feeling and when I was adjusting it so it could fit on my finger it felt as if it were breaking. I will try my best not to adjust it anymore. Just like the leaf ring, I will be gentle with it.

tea cup ring, alice in wonderland ring, tea ring, tea cup and saucer ring
 I know! This ring is all types of awesome. I got it with Lolita in mind. How could a cute tea saucer and cup ring not be for Lolita? I love it so much. It is big, heavy, sturdy, and fits well. The only thing I don't like about it is that the cup isn't a circle.It is more of an oval. It's not a big deal, it is just kind of weird because the little plate that the cup is on is a circle. Just like the bunny locket necklace, I think I will make coord around this ring. It's just too pretty not to.

gold rings, armor ring,
There is the ring that I have been wanting since the mid-late ninety's. (The one on the right) The one on the right is great. No complaints at all. I can't wait to wear it. The really long one that covers your whole entire finger is pretty awesome too. It is so over the top and a bit in the way but it is so cool. I am sure something will come up where it will be the perfect ring. The ring in the front was just to strange not to buy. It sets on the tip of your finger. That's it. It makes you have a strange gold pointy nail/finger thing. I don't know. I just thought it would be cool to have. These rings remind me of the the Marique character from Conan the Barbarian. She had crazy killer ring things

If you are interested in finding some cute and inexpensive jewelry for yourself just hop on over to ebay and when you are looking for jewelry make sure you click the Buy it Now and free shipping boxes. That way you can get exactly what you want for the least amount. Do make a note though, it does take a while for the items to arrive. I made my orders at the very end of 2012 and they took 3-4 weeks to get to me. Don't expect them within a week. Which thing do you like best? Will you be picking up any of these goodies for yourself?

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