Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cute Pens and Pencils - Bringing a Little Lolita to Work

cool penicl case
I work at a front desk so I always need a pen or pencil. I keep my own that I carry in my bag because if I left them at work they would disappear. Since I have them for such a long time I am not afraid to spend a couple dollars on each one. I knew I wanted a few new pens and pencils that were super cute so I hit the internet hard looking for some. Pastels, little animal themes, and other cute things were a necessity for my new writing implements. Since I try to integrate Lolita into my life as much as possible super cute writing tools are a necessity. So, I went onto Cool Pencil Case and found exactly what I wanted. I don't know what it is about having a really cute pen/pencil. I enjoy writing more. I think it might make me write a little neater as well. Here are the cute pens/pencils that I picked up.

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 I wanted to buy a range of colors but keep it in the pastel family. I always love pink and have to make conscious decisions not to just buy all pink. It is nice to have a selection. It helps me so I don't get bored. First, I have to say the blue pen with the puff ball is not from Cool Pencil Case. It was a pen that I already had but it was too cute not to show off.
Of all the pens and pencils my favorite is the light yellow pen with the gold crown on top. It is really heavy and feels nice when you are writing with it. Plus, I am trying to add more yellow to my things (clothing, accessories, and everything) and this pretty pen is great. All together I picked up 2 Miffy pens (1 is not pictured), the yellow crown pen, the pink bunny clicky pencil, the sheep pen, and the white cat eraser (pictured below).
cat eraser, cute kitty eraser, cute eraser, white cat eraser

They all feel nice and write nice as well. One thing I really care about is the way a pen feels when you are writing with it and how it looks on paper. I made sure that I picked up pens with a small point. I write pretty tiny so I like a precise pen/pencil. Nothing to big or bubbly. The yellow crown pen is the best I think. The prices are very reasonable as well. I looked for the less expensive items. I paid $1.50-$3.25 for each item. Not bad, eh? I also got free shipping and it was fast too! Free shipping is the best. Right now, there is free shipping on all orders over $20.

I was only in the market for pens and pencils but they sell a wide range of school, work, and office items. Stickers, pencil cases (obviously), journals, tape, calculators, letter sets, and way more. It makes me wish that I had a little shopping spree for their site. If you are in the market for cute little work/school/office things, hop on over to their site.


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