Monday, January 28, 2013

January Ipsy Bag

 It is that time again, Ipsy Bag time. I really do love Ipsy. I can't say enough good things about it. I tell my friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else if they will listen. The middle of each month I get so excited because I know that bright and shiny pink bag will be coming my way. If you don't know what Ipsy is or how it works just read this post and see Novembers bag of make up. Onto the good stuff.......

ipsy, ipsy bag, january ipsy bag
 I am acquiring quite the little collection of cute bags thanks to Ipsy. So far I have a black and white zig zag bag, a brown bag, a long silver pencil case style bag, and now a midnight blue bag. When I saw this latest bag I thought it was cute but I got really excited when I saw the inside. Stars! How cute is that? I love little touches like that I think that I'm not the only one.  This bag is pretty deep and perfect for the bag within a bag thing. You know, the smaller bag for little things that goes in your bigger bag. I have been using my Ipsy bags for that and they have all been great. This one is a light canvas style fabric that seems pretty sturdy and stain resistant.

ipsy bag january, nailtini ipsy, soho brush, big sexy hair, pacifica body butter
The things that came in January's bag were things that I was waiting for. One, I knew sooner or later there would be a lotion that I could toss in my purse. Two, I love getting new make up brushes and can always use more. And here comes January's bag full of things I can't wait to get. My bag contained a nailtini nail polish, big sexy hair hairspray, tuscan blood orange body butter, a brush, and argan oil. You can bet your buns that I am going to use all of these. I don't know how they are going to top this bag but I know that Ipsy can do it.

The Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter is so nice. It has a great scent. When I think of orange I think of super fake orange but that is not the case with this lotion. It has a really nice deep scent to it and feels amazing. Winter is rough on everyone's hands so this comes in handy. You can feel it really sinking into your skin and moisturizing. 
I am pretty fussy when it comes to nails and nail polish. Well, I'm fussy and lazy. I want my nail polish to last forever and I have never found one that does that BUT I have found a little trick to making my nail polish seem like it is lasting longer. When you wear an extremely subtle color you can't see the chipping. With dark and bold colors as soon as one little chip shows up it is super obvious and looks a mess. But, with a light color a few chips are not even noticeable. I like this. I am super happy I got the above color. 
When it comes to hair I kind of let it do what it wants to within reason. I have long straight hair and I like it that way. A nice brushing usually makes it do what I want it to do. But, on the odd occasion when I am really doing my hair I never have hairspray because I don't use it. Well, now I have some. In March I have a convention to go to and I will need hairspray and yea! I have Big Sexy Hair hairspray. I am doing a Sailor Moon style buns and pigtails do so I will need this spray.
I was really happy when I saw I got a SOHO crease brush. Most days I do a cat eye look with my eye shadow and a good crease brush is important. The one I was using before is much fuller and stiffer. The SOHO brush is so soft, fluffy, and delicate. It makes it easy to apply layers and get a nice blended look easily. The first day I tried it I was really happy with the way it felt and the way it applied the shadow to my eyelids.
Before this Ipsy bag I had never hear of Argan Oil. This Josie Maran %100 Argan Oil is a versatile moisturizer. Use it on you face, hands, nails, cuticles, lips, split ends, any where!  It has a really subtle scent and feels nice to I have no problem using it any of these places. I have been using it on my hair. My ends can get a little beat up and they need a little extra love. This Argan Oil makes them feel and smell great. It comes in the little bottle with a dropper so you can use as little or as much as you want. I like that instead of just dumping it in my palm.

In addition to Ipsy I am interested in Birch Box. They are along the same idea as Ipsy. I watched several videos on YouTube of people opening up their Birch Boxes and they seems like they have some nice things. I did notice that there are more samples (like 1 time or 2 time uses) and that it actually comes in a box and you don't get a bag like with Ipsy. But, they are the same price and it still seems like a great deal. They don't have any openings right now so I am on the waiting list and will sign up as soon as the e-mail comes my way saying that I can. And, when I start getting those I will write about them.

Do any of you receive Ipsy bags or Birch Boxes? If so, do you like them as much as I like my Ipsy?


  1. I love my Ipsy bag for this month! The lotion is my favorite and I am already almost out!!! I share it with everyone and tell everyone where I got it ^_^


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