Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bodyline Order

  A little less than a month ago I made an order through Bodyline.  Their selection was not really stellar but they had bags and socks for very cheap so I jumped at the chance.  I made a pretty sizable order and they sent it in a bag.  This was the first order that I have ever gotten that wasn't in a box and I was a little scared that some of the items might be damaged but I was lucky and they were all in perfect condition. 

Bag of Bodyline

All of the socks I ordered were either $4 or $6.  I didn't have any socks with lace on the top so I ordered 3 pairs with. 

Cool Red and White Shoes

A Bunch of Bags

I have the matching OP for this print.  Now I can be completely matching!

Minty Ice Cream Bag
I don't really have anything that will match this perfectly but I just had to have it.  It was $6 so I didn't mind getting something that didn't fit well into my wardrobe.

Cool Red Bag
I thought I would lve this bag but it is so large and so floppy that it is hard to find things in it.  Bummer.

 Amazing Large Pink Heart Bag
This bag is so big that I think it would go best with a plain black OP or JSK.  It should be the main piece of the outfit.  If I were to wear it with a more busy outfit I think it would fight with it.


 Black Dress
My husband has been liking Lolita less and less so I thought this dress would be a nice compromise for he and I.  It still has ruffles but it has a form fitted shape that shows off my torso and bust for him.  I will wear this on more casual days.

Tan Tartan Dress
Another compromise dress.   I like the collar with this one.  This was the only color left but I rather like it.  Something a little different.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The last bit of PAX East

I think this is the last bit of PAX East stuff that I have for you.  I can't wait for next years PAX East.  If I am not mistaken, it isn't going to go off until April so I have over a year to get ready.  I want to start my costumes much earlier than I have for the past 2.  I am such a procrastinator.  Anyway, here are some fun things from PAX East. 
On Saturady morning we didn't wan to go far for Breakfast so we ate at the hotel.  They were doing a buffet that looked yummy but it was $25 per person.  We didn't want to waste good con money on food so we got smaller portion  meals.  I got 2 pieces of wheat toast and a fruit cup.  The toast was $4 and the fruit was $7.  Pretty expensive but good.

In the parking garage we saw a car with a cool DOOM liscence plate.  Cool.

This was on the back of the Behemoth booth where they were selling goodies.  I just loved the cat.  Too cute!

This is the booth of the Mega64 guys.  Mega64 does video game immersion videos.  Such as, pretending to be Mario and Luigi and running around with plungers.  Their stuff is super funny and I highly recommend it.  I did not get this video but when we were at their both they were doing much of the same thing.  Watch till the end of the movie, it is very funny.

They had a playable version of Child of Eden in the middle of the Expo hall.  It is the spiritual successor to REZ on the Dreamcast  and PS2 back in 2002.  It was a beautiful game to watch.  We stood there for 5 or so minutes and I could have seen more.

This is our haul of goodies that we bought.  Penny Arcade Sitcker sheets, Settlers of Catan board game, Ascension board game, 5 text adventure games, the PAX East booklet for the con, 2 Splosion Man plushes, The Stars are Right card game, a Raskulls plush dragon, 3 Munchkin booster packs, 2 sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice, 2 Magic USB Thumb Drive bracelets, a pack of Mine Craft pins, Metroid Metal sticker, 19 pins, a Behemoth bat cell phone charm, all of the Mega64 DVD's, a Bastion Handkerchief, and our lanyards.  Our hotel was actually hooked to the convention center so we didn't have to worry about carrying things around.  It was very nice.
  I think that is about it.  Oh, we did not get the cat from PAX East, but Bella wanted to make sure that she got in the picture.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

More PAX

  On Sunday I wore the Mario dress that I made.  It was very comfy and nice to wear a more casual outfit on the last day of the con.  My husband was nice enough to take a couple pics for me.  My petti did not travel well AT ALL so I have to lift it up to show off all the detail on the skirt.  I liked it so much I wore it to work yesterday as well. 
  I love the Mario print along the skirt but i think I am going to cover it up with black ruffles so I can turn it into a "normal" Lolita dress.  It served my well for PAX but now it is time for it to adapt to my wardrobe and be loved as a nice black JSK.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PAX fun!

  All I can say is that PAX was amazing!  I had such a good time.  This was our second PAX and it was nice to know what we were getting into this time.  This year was in a new and bigger venue/convention center.  Once all was said and done I believe there were just shy of 70,000 people over the 3 days.  That's a lot of people.  
  My husband and I went with his good friend and his fiance.  His friend is into video games like us and other nerdy type things.  His wife, not so much.  She was kind of a butt the whole time so I am hoping that she doesn't want to go next year.  Other than her, the weekend was great.  We got into Boston around 1pm and got into  the hotel around 1:30.  Our room was not ready yet so we went to the con for an hour and a half and went back to the hotel.  Again, our room wasn't ready so we sat in the lobby and rested.  After over two hours I checked again and a woman at the check in desk offered us a smaller room for half the price.  We jumped at that and saved quite a bit of money.  The room was small but very nice.  It was a corner room and it had a large window that was floor to ceiling and it wrapped the corner so the room was sunny and happy.  Also, the bath/shower had a double shower head which my husband really liked.  Now, onto the pictures.

How about a little double assassin action.  He is dressed up as Altair from the first Assassins Creed game.  There were about 5 different Assassins running around the con.  It was cool to see.

I an into these guys on the Expo floor and they were super nice.  The Spy (left) was at PAX last year as well.  We had a little train of following going on.  The Medic (Middle) was walking around, the Spy was stalking him, and I was following last and stalking the Spy.  It was fun.

This cute blue peanut man is from a game called Swarm.  I didn't know of the game before PAX but I just loved that character.  He is so cute and doofy with this eyes and face.  I love him.

This is the character Morgana from League of Legends.  She is my go to character whenever I play.  I was surprised to see someone cosplay as her.  I didn't know that LOL was as popular as it is.  There were many people who were dressed up as characters from it.  Good to see.

Another Assassin.  We ran into him on Saturday night around 1:30.  His friend wanted to be double assassinated so we did that for him.  It was great running into people who were strangers and just talk and be friendly.  Everyone was so nice.  That is one of the great things about PAX.  You are amongst people who have your hobbies, ideas, and interests.  We didn't run into 1 mean person.

I didn't ask to get my picture with too many people who were cosplaying but when I saw this fella I had to.  My husband and I are big Dr. Who fans, especially big David Tennant fans.  He had the outfit down perfectly and he looked similar to David Tennant.  
Okay.  I love Sailor Moon.  I have loved it for about 15 years now so I just about wet myself when I saw this guy.  When I was younger I always wanted Tuxedo Mask to find me and fall in love with me.  I still kind of do.  For me, he is the ultimate romantic hero.  

Alright.  This is a big one for me.  This is one of the two creators of Penny Arcade.  The fellas who put on the con and who create the web comics.  This is Tycho.  We ran into him around midnight on Saturday night.  I am sure he was pooped but he talked with us for a couple minutes and was nice enough to have his picture taken with me.  It is nice to meet famous people that you like and look up to and they are nice people.  

I know you probably don't recognize this guy but he is the guy that I was most excited to meet.  He is Brad Shoemaker from Giant Bomb.  Giant Bomb is a video game review, preview, video, and more website.  Brad does reviews and also does the Bombcast (podcast) with some of the other guys from Giant Bomb.  He always came across as a good guy with a good sense of humor and sweetness to him in his videos and on the podcast.  I met him right after the Giant Bomb guys did their live podcast panel and he was the sweetest thing.  I told him he was great and that he was my favorite guy on GB.  I asked if I could get his pic and he said yes.  I wasn't going to tell him that I had a crush on him but my husband just blurted it out, "She really loves you.  She has a crush on you".  It made him blush and make a nervous laugh.  That was Friday night of PAX and I could have ended the weekend right there and been a happy camper.
There are more pictures but I will leave those for my next post.  I think one is long enough.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giving Away Goodies

It is that time again.  Time for me to head off to Boston for PAX and bring some goodies with me to give away.  This year I will passing out rings.  Super cute rings.  I was so surprised by last year.  My blog was only 3 months old and I got about 20 people who found me.  I was expecting more like 4 or 5.  This year I am very excited to see how many people find me. 
It is going to be the same drill as last year.  You can find me, if you aren't going to be there your boyfriend/friend/or whoever you know can find me, and say the password "Sweet" and you have yourself a new ring.  Nice and easy.

1:Find me in my Mario Dress or Ezio outfit
2:  Tell me the password "Sweet"
3:  Walk away with a free ring!

Last year was so cute.  There were a few boyfriends who found me and walked up to me all awkward and were like, "My girlfriend told me to tell you, Sweet?".  It made me giggle every time it happened.
This will be my last post today and most likely tomorrow since the con goes until 2 in the am.  
See you there.

Macross and Metamorphose

  Doing my usual thing today on line I ran into this cute bit of info.  Metamorphose made collaboration pieces with the anime Macross.  (On a side note, Baby also made pieces but they are under wraps right now)  
 The above picture is of one of the characters from the anime wearing a super cute pink and green dress.  pictured with the green haired cutie is on of the shop girls cosplaying.  Now for the Meta.
Not bad.  I am not super in love with them but I must say the dress on the right hand side is cute.  I think my favorite part is the little hat with the white feather.  The light pink and minty green go together well and really make a nice color pairing.  The only thing that really gets me about the dress is the blunt seams on the bottom of the vest.  They are so sharp for Lolita and also don't really match the softness and round edges of the rest of the dress.  I get it though.  This is a collaborative piece with an anime and they are all about vest style tops.  It looks good on paper and on tv.
The white dress is really fun.  I would wear thing outfit on a day when I am feeling a little spicy.  I do love the jacket.  I would pair that with other pieces on a regular basis.  The half caplet is cute.  I really like capes and capeletes now.  They are perfect for the upcoming Spring weather and temperatures.
There is more info here, in the original article

Busy Busy Busy

  The simple fact that I am doing this post at 3:45am should tell you how busy I am getting ready for the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend.  It starts on Friday so we are leaving Friday morning.  This means that I have to have my sewing done tonight.  Which it is soooooo close.  I have just the smallest bit to do.  
  Here are some final shots of what I have done and some of my super messy sewing room.  I don't want to show them off really well until I am at the con with them on.  I plan on wearing the black Mario Lolita dress on Friday and then the Ezio outfit on Sat. and Sunday.  I worked my butt off on it and one day is not enough time to show it off.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ezio Cosplay

  I spent  the whole weekend sewing and I got a lot done, but not enough.  So, I am spending today sewing my butt off too.  Last night it starting coming together so I took some pictures.  Keep in mind that I am doing a female version of his outfit and I am also doing a take on it, not a replica.  There are some differences.  Here is the original outfit.

And here is mine.  Most is sewn together and some is just pinned on.
The hood is just flopping down.  It looks much better when there is a head in there.  It is missing many things which I will be working on today and tomorrow.  I only have a few more days so I have to get going. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ezio Outfit for PAX

  I think I am most excited about the Ezio outfit for PAX.  The Mario Dress and Pac Man dress are super cool but I can't wait to wear, I'm just gonna call it Ezio.  I am doing a female version of his outfit because I want something a bit different and fun. 
From the original outfit I kept the half cape, belt, sleeves, hood, and part of the jacket.  The glove on the left hand I turned into a cuff.  The jacket has much of the same elements such as the 3 layers on the bottom, the red striping, the lapels, and the fit.  I just made it have a femineine shape and turned the bottom layers into a skirt.  I got rid of the pants.  I am making boot covers as well.  Making this outfit I am using some skills I haven't used in a while and some things I have had to teach myself because I have never done them before.  The cap sleeve on the left side with the open box pleats took a little figuring out.
My sewing room is in disorder because the ceiling is leaking and I had to move everything around.  There is also ceiling bits all over the floor.  Not the ideal sewing place but I am making do.  The Spring and Winter weather is making it difficult.  Every time it gets warm and then gets super cold it make the ceiling leak.  Boo.
  I still have a lot to do before the Ezio outfit is done but I have high hopes for it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Penny Arcade Expo 2011

   It is that time again, PAX East!  Last year I made dresses that were inspired by the two main character from Penny Arcade.  You can see more about those here.  Last year was so much fun.  I got to spend the weekend surrounded by video games, comics, D&D, board games, and more geeky things.  I also gave away a lot of jewelry away for free.  I plan to do the same thing this year.  I will do a post tomorrow about the free goodies.
  This year I am bringing 3 things to wear.  The first is the Mario dress which is coming along quite nicely.  The second is the yellow Pacman dress that I didn't get to wear last year because the zipper broke.  Lastly, I am making an interpretation of the Ezio outfit from Assassins Creed.  PAX starts on Friday the 11th and ends on Sunday the 13th of March.  Tonight I want to take some pictures of what I have so far. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Couple New Things

  I have added a couple new things to the blog if you haven't noticed already.  On the right hand side of the blog there are two new pictures that you can click on for some goodies.  The "Lolita Videos YouTube" picture will take you to a compilation of Lolita themed videos that I have found on YouTube.  I did not make any of the videos but I tracked them down through different means and made a nice little play-list.  There are some documentaries in there, music videos, runway shows, and more.  I will be adding more videos most likely everyday so be sure to check it out every once in a while.
  The second new addition is the What I Watched on Netflix blog that I have started.  I watch A LOT of Netflix so I thought I might recommend somethings and share my thoughts.  My taste in movies is diverse but I really love action, horror, sci-fi, and comedies. 
  So, if the any of this sounds good to you check them out.  I hope you enjoy the new additions.
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