Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bodyline Order

  A little less than a month ago I made an order through Bodyline.  Their selection was not really stellar but they had bags and socks for very cheap so I jumped at the chance.  I made a pretty sizable order and they sent it in a bag.  This was the first order that I have ever gotten that wasn't in a box and I was a little scared that some of the items might be damaged but I was lucky and they were all in perfect condition. 

Bag of Bodyline

All of the socks I ordered were either $4 or $6.  I didn't have any socks with lace on the top so I ordered 3 pairs with. 

Cool Red and White Shoes

A Bunch of Bags

I have the matching OP for this print.  Now I can be completely matching!

Minty Ice Cream Bag
I don't really have anything that will match this perfectly but I just had to have it.  It was $6 so I didn't mind getting something that didn't fit well into my wardrobe.

Cool Red Bag
I thought I would lve this bag but it is so large and so floppy that it is hard to find things in it.  Bummer.

 Amazing Large Pink Heart Bag
This bag is so big that I think it would go best with a plain black OP or JSK.  It should be the main piece of the outfit.  If I were to wear it with a more busy outfit I think it would fight with it.


 Black Dress
My husband has been liking Lolita less and less so I thought this dress would be a nice compromise for he and I.  It still has ruffles but it has a form fitted shape that shows off my torso and bust for him.  I will wear this on more casual days.

Tan Tartan Dress
Another compromise dress.   I like the collar with this one.  This was the only color left but I rather like it.  Something a little different.


  1. Cute dresses! Would you wear a blouse under them or no? Because I find the last one especially reminiscent of a 1950s garden party. ^.^

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Toriberry
    The last tan dress would have to have a blouse underneath it. I am too modest to wear it by itself. I am thinking a white or tan blouse.

  4. The last dress is really beautiful!

  5. All of them are pretty and fab! But yes, the last dress is eye catching! :)) And yeah, I wonder too... Why aren't they properly packed? I know it's good that they're not damaged or anything but it still should be in a box. :)

  6. The last dress is actually one of the ones I was considering for myself. I wanted the red one, but I was afraid it would slip, so I had to get one with sleeves...

  7. soo cute! i really want to get some acc from bodyline too for cosplay :)

  8. Ah! Someone else who's guy is missing the tight tops and mini skirts.

    I'm going to make a three tiered lavender skirt as my compromise. Party fairy kei, part sassy-pants


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