Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PAX fun!

  All I can say is that PAX was amazing!  I had such a good time.  This was our second PAX and it was nice to know what we were getting into this time.  This year was in a new and bigger venue/convention center.  Once all was said and done I believe there were just shy of 70,000 people over the 3 days.  That's a lot of people.  
  My husband and I went with his good friend and his fiance.  His friend is into video games like us and other nerdy type things.  His wife, not so much.  She was kind of a butt the whole time so I am hoping that she doesn't want to go next year.  Other than her, the weekend was great.  We got into Boston around 1pm and got into  the hotel around 1:30.  Our room was not ready yet so we went to the con for an hour and a half and went back to the hotel.  Again, our room wasn't ready so we sat in the lobby and rested.  After over two hours I checked again and a woman at the check in desk offered us a smaller room for half the price.  We jumped at that and saved quite a bit of money.  The room was small but very nice.  It was a corner room and it had a large window that was floor to ceiling and it wrapped the corner so the room was sunny and happy.  Also, the bath/shower had a double shower head which my husband really liked.  Now, onto the pictures.

How about a little double assassin action.  He is dressed up as Altair from the first Assassins Creed game.  There were about 5 different Assassins running around the con.  It was cool to see.

I an into these guys on the Expo floor and they were super nice.  The Spy (left) was at PAX last year as well.  We had a little train of following going on.  The Medic (Middle) was walking around, the Spy was stalking him, and I was following last and stalking the Spy.  It was fun.

This cute blue peanut man is from a game called Swarm.  I didn't know of the game before PAX but I just loved that character.  He is so cute and doofy with this eyes and face.  I love him.

This is the character Morgana from League of Legends.  She is my go to character whenever I play.  I was surprised to see someone cosplay as her.  I didn't know that LOL was as popular as it is.  There were many people who were dressed up as characters from it.  Good to see.

Another Assassin.  We ran into him on Saturday night around 1:30.  His friend wanted to be double assassinated so we did that for him.  It was great running into people who were strangers and just talk and be friendly.  Everyone was so nice.  That is one of the great things about PAX.  You are amongst people who have your hobbies, ideas, and interests.  We didn't run into 1 mean person.

I didn't ask to get my picture with too many people who were cosplaying but when I saw this fella I had to.  My husband and I are big Dr. Who fans, especially big David Tennant fans.  He had the outfit down perfectly and he looked similar to David Tennant.  
Okay.  I love Sailor Moon.  I have loved it for about 15 years now so I just about wet myself when I saw this guy.  When I was younger I always wanted Tuxedo Mask to find me and fall in love with me.  I still kind of do.  For me, he is the ultimate romantic hero.  

Alright.  This is a big one for me.  This is one of the two creators of Penny Arcade.  The fellas who put on the con and who create the web comics.  This is Tycho.  We ran into him around midnight on Saturday night.  I am sure he was pooped but he talked with us for a couple minutes and was nice enough to have his picture taken with me.  It is nice to meet famous people that you like and look up to and they are nice people.  

I know you probably don't recognize this guy but he is the guy that I was most excited to meet.  He is Brad Shoemaker from Giant Bomb.  Giant Bomb is a video game review, preview, video, and more website.  Brad does reviews and also does the Bombcast (podcast) with some of the other guys from Giant Bomb.  He always came across as a good guy with a good sense of humor and sweetness to him in his videos and on the podcast.  I met him right after the Giant Bomb guys did their live podcast panel and he was the sweetest thing.  I told him he was great and that he was my favorite guy on GB.  I asked if I could get his pic and he said yes.  I wasn't going to tell him that I had a crush on him but my husband just blurted it out, "She really loves you.  She has a crush on you".  It made him blush and make a nervous laugh.  That was Friday night of PAX and I could have ended the weekend right there and been a happy camper.
There are more pictures but I will leave those for my next post.  I think one is long enough.


  1. Looks pretty fun! I love cons, despite only having been to a couple (so far).

    I agree, Tuxedo Mask is pretty romantic. Being a Versailles (the Visual Kei band) fan, I especially love that his symbol is a rose. ^^ (I really must go remedy my comparative lack of Sailor Moon watching...)

  2. Aaaah, your Ezio costume came out great and looks wonderful on you! I can only hope that my next cosplay will come out even *half* as nicely as yours did. ^ ^;;

    Sailor Moon holds a special place in my heart as the first anime I ever got into, and I will still dig out my old VHS tapes and watch it from time to time. And the best part is that now I've gotten my 7-year-old sister into it too! She watches with me, and likes Rini/Chibiusa the best. :3

    Glad you had fun at PAX~

  3. I was actually at pax, and ran around and asked at least 4 other girls dressed as Ezio/Altair about the "password". Boy did they look confused! ;_;

    Not so sure if you saw me, I was dressed in lolita all three days. I met another lolita though!

  4. @femaleclaws
    I did see a Lolita or two when I was at PAX. I am sorry that you didn't find me. Next year I will try to make something a little more 1 of a kind so you will be able to spot me easily.

  5. @Chrissie
    THanks so much for you super nice compliments. I love that you are getting your younger sister into Sailor Moon. I would not be the person that I am today if I didn't have it. Keep on watching!

  6. Love your costumes! Are there events like pax in the netherlands too?


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