Friday, March 4, 2011

Ezio Outfit for PAX

  I think I am most excited about the Ezio outfit for PAX.  The Mario Dress and Pac Man dress are super cool but I can't wait to wear, I'm just gonna call it Ezio.  I am doing a female version of his outfit because I want something a bit different and fun. 
From the original outfit I kept the half cape, belt, sleeves, hood, and part of the jacket.  The glove on the left hand I turned into a cuff.  The jacket has much of the same elements such as the 3 layers on the bottom, the red striping, the lapels, and the fit.  I just made it have a femineine shape and turned the bottom layers into a skirt.  I got rid of the pants.  I am making boot covers as well.  Making this outfit I am using some skills I haven't used in a while and some things I have had to teach myself because I have never done them before.  The cap sleeve on the left side with the open box pleats took a little figuring out.
My sewing room is in disorder because the ceiling is leaking and I had to move everything around.  There is also ceiling bits all over the floor.  Not the ideal sewing place but I am making do.  The Spring and Winter weather is making it difficult.  Every time it gets warm and then gets super cold it make the ceiling leak.  Boo.
  I still have a lot to do before the Ezio outfit is done but I have high hopes for it.


  1. Will you show us WIP pictures? One of my friends is a huge Assasin's Creed fan, and would love to see your outfit, and as a lolita I'm excited about it too. =D
    The Pacman and Mario outfits as well of course. I love how you can take what you love, like games, and fuse them with lolita fashion. It's really inspiring. ^^

  2. @Yakaii
    Thanks so much for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. I will be putting the pics up tomorrow I hope.


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