Monday, October 31, 2011

Peachy Lolita Wallpaper

Peach is such a nice color and I am not sure it gets enough credit and use.  Even in Lolita.  I think it could go with any season.  It is sometimes hard to find peach in Lolita because it is so close to pink and pink is so popular.  In celebration of peach I have made a collage of peach.  I know all of the girls are wearing peach outfits but they all look beautiful together.  (I especially love the peach roses the girl all the way to the right is carrying and wearing in her hair.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Veronica Elisse JSK by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

 Baby the Stars Shine Bright is one of my favorite brands just like many Lolita's out there.  They have such a nice design aesthetic.  They know what a Lolita wants in his/her clothing.  There are very few pieces that they have made that I do not like and this is not one of them.  I love it!   I am not sure where I first saw the Veronica Elisse JSK, but it caught my eye immediately.  This post is just going to be me gushing abut this JSK.  Prepare yourself. 

 The large bow is cute with a nautical feel to it as it sets on top of a row of opaque set of three cream bows.  The tiny round cream buttons frame the bows.  They don't stand out but are a nice touch that finishes the bodice.  It was a smart idea to use the stripe fabric on the sides of the bodice facing in and down.  It is slimming.  It gives the illusion of an hour glass figure. 
 I am always a fan of shirring in the back of dresses.  It allows for a comfortable fit and the corset style lacing is attractive.  The Veronica Elisse JSK comes in 4 colors.  Teal, black, pink, and cream/off white.  They all look nice but the teal is my favorite.  You don't see teal in Lolita all that often.

  The removable wait ties are nice because not everyone likes waist ties.  I am leaning towards no waist ties at the moment but it is nice to have the choice.  Lace and ruffles at the hem along with 4 bows make for a light and delicate skirt.  It has tiny gathers along the waist which keep it from getting too bulky looking.  
All in all, just a lovely dress.  If I could I would have it in all 4 colors and wear them all proudly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daily Lolita Highight- klhinkle

  I have always dressed differently and been open to alternative fashion.  I am not a traditionalist or conservative person.  But when it comes to Lolita I tend to stick to the rules (sometimes I bend them a bit).  There is something nice about the guidance and points that you want to stick to.  People sometimes take risks with Lolita fashion by adding something or doing something different.  Most of the time it is not for me but klhinkle has successfully done it.  
Look at her hair!  It is perfect!  I know most of the time we Lolitas want perfectly curled or styled hair.  More often then not you see a Lolita with long, curly hair (that is a wig) and straight bangs.  But her short jet black funky hair is amazing. 
 In addition to her killer hair her Moi-Meme-Moitie Church Gate JSK and black blouse, socks, and shoes complete a great coordinate.  It is a simple color story but black and white are a proven winning combination.  Along with her black hair and milky skin it goes very well.
JSK, Socks: Moi-Meme-Moiti
Blouse, Jacket, and  Rings: Offbrand
Hairpin and Earrings: Handmade
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie
Parasol: Vintage
 It is a great set of photos and she looks just lovely in them.  Check out her post on Daily Lolita for more details. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby The Stars Shine Bright and CWC Collaboration Neo Blythe

 This Blythe Doll is so cute.  She reminds me of Sailor Moon.  I know she does not have the sailor fuku uniform but there are many similarities.  Blonde hair, blue and white, knee high boots, and long gloves make her too cute to resist.  The constellation print and delicate white lace make me wish I had the same dress.  The dark midnight blue and crisp white have a contrast that catches the eye. 

  Here is what Baby has to say about her....

Lolita fashion dressed in cute costumes, Bryce has captivated the hearts of fans as a singer idol of the galaxy, it is "hime Hoshino tears."
Costume, and color-coordinated silver midnight blue × white ×, constellations and ribbons,
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright brand mark "B" Lolita fans do not have to pay attention to is the use of motifs and four ribbons, "Hoshino tears Princess" looks cute and is attracted to resonate with voices Ru should ★
Set contents] Doll, over dress, skirt, headband, gloves, earrings, boots, shorts, stand, microphone stand] [Contact us for sales
Release Date: September 2011 Release Price: 20,790 yen (tax included)
Body Limited 1500

Monday, October 24, 2011

On a Cruise, Yea!

 (This is the ship we will be on)
Good Monday to all!  I am not at my computer right now typing this out to you on this Monday because I am currently on a cruise ship.  I left with my husband on Saturday out of NYC to the Bahamas.  I imagine I am in the warmth and sun.  Perhaps sitting on the deck and enjoying a terribly overpriced specialty drink. 
I have posts all written up and scheduled to come out each day.  So, there won't be any radio silence.  Even though I am on vacation I will be sketching dresses, working on my Lolita Project, and doing other Lolita things.  Once we have returned I will have pictures and stories I am sure.  Have a great week everybody.

Friday, October 21, 2011

CNN Article on Lolita Style

Happy Friday Everyone!  Let us end this work/school week on a positive note.  Today on egl I spotted a post that I had to read.  CNN did a story on Lolita and it actually turned out very well.  A majority of the time when regular press discuss anything Lolita they tend to muck it up.  This article was a fresh and pretty accurately written one.  The picture (shown above) is also an accurate and nice one that represents Lolita well.  
The story touches on the history of Lolita, popular brands, the style, why people dress in Lolita, and more. 

 Here is a quick snippet from the article.
"However, another aspect of the word "lolita" describes youth, and it's this meaning that's intended in the fashion style that bears this name. The style includes victorian-inspired clothing and also echoes Rococo stylings, although since its inception the fashion genre has expanded to include much more."

Jump on over to the CNN website and give the story a read.  I think you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet Macarons Video

Take a peek at the beauty of making a macaron.  I have made multiple batches in my kitchen and I am not an expert but it never looked like this video.  It was more like powdered sugar everywhere and a bit of problem solving.  Anyway,  don't watch this video if you are hungry.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quality Clothing Costs More - Part of why Lolita Clothing Costs More

    There are many factors that dictate how much a garment is sold for.  Brand name, fabric type and quantity, complexity of design, and trims are just a few.  With Lolita clothing we tend to hit on all of these.  Hence, a higher price.  I would like to share some insight on the pricing of Lolita clothing.

 (The above is a technical flat done by Metamorphose)
We'll start at the base on Lolita clothing.  Design.   Even with basic One Piece Dresses and Jumper Skirts the designs tend to have many different elements that make it a complex garment.  The more pieces a garment is made up of the longer it takes to design, cut, sew, and finish.  This starts at draping on forms, drafting patterns, sewing samples, and translates all the way through to finishing a piece.

  No matter the country, currency, or style of clothing you are going to pay for the name.  If it is a no name brand sold in a low level store you aren't going to pay much.  But, if it is a desirable name that people know and want you are going to pay for the name.  The price isn't high just because of the name, but it is part of it.  This is why logos and label are on the outside of some garments.  People like to show off desirable clothing that they have.  This is also evident in Lolita by way of jewelry, accessories, and prints that display the brand name or logo.

  Many Lolita garments are made with quality fabric.  They tend not to use very high end fabrics such as silk and dupioni.  But the use quality fabrics like eyelet, cotton, velvet, and mixes make for a garment that is soft and sturdy.  In addition to quality fabric the custom prints that many Lolita brands are known for, does raise the price.  The time put towards designing the print and the cost of have the fabric made is costly, even for a company. 

Another element that makes a garment more expensive is trims.  Lace, ribbon, buttons, zippers, elastic, beads, and other miscellaneous trims add up.  As many of us know, we Lolitas are picky about the quality of the lace and trims on our garments.  The nicer the quality, the higher the price.  Also, there tends to be lots of lace and trims.  It is easy to design a dress with yards of trim.

  Other reasons that Lolita clothing can cost more are quality sewing, lining, and ruffles.  Ruffles take a bit of time to make.  I am sure that there is more that I have missed but I feel that I have covered a good portion of it.   I hope that this post helps people understand the pricing of their pretty dresses and blouses.

Gothic Lolita Wigs

  Wearing a wig is not for me. I am not saying I dislike them but I have tried wigs that I bought on ebay a while back and they weren't quite right for me. The wigs that I see many Lolita's sporting are super curly with falls and pastel colors.  It is just a trend that I am not jumping on.  There are so many girls on Daily Lolita that rock them in a major way and they look outstanding.  Anyway, I like Gothic Lolita Wigs on Facebook because I like seeing their new pieces and great pictures. They have very nice pictures.  Their muses are always great.

  To my surprise I saw the above wig and I actually thought about buying it.  I don't have the money for wigs but if I did, this would be the one.  The 2 natural tones and cute curls just make me smile.  It is such a soft and feminine look.  I had dyed my hair in the past with the split style so I have a soft spot for the look.  How cute does that model look?  Super cute, that's how cute.  
 So, good on you Gothic Lolita Wigs.  You made a girl who doesn't really want to wear wigs, wear one.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Lolita Highlight : Fan Chan

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope your weekend treated you well.  Mine was pretty fun.  An early Halloween party on Saturday (I was a Grecian Goddess) and pumpkin carving on Sunday made for a nice carefree time.  Okay. On to the Daily Lolita Highlight.  I saw this post over a week ago on Daily Lolita and am now only able to write it.  So here we go.....

 What we have on our hands here is a lovely Classic Lolita.  On her post she says that her camera over exposed the shot and that is why the above picture is bright.  I thought she did it on purpose.  It fits with the white walls, her blouse, and frilly parasol.  Being a girl who is just a bit taller than 5 feet tall I am jealous of her ballerina long limbs.  Look at that couch.  It is the perfect seat for a Lolita to rest her feet.

With winter coming it is time to bring out our heavier one piece dresses and heavier fabrics.  Her wine colored Mary Magdalene OP makes me think of holiday parties and snow.  The simple pairing of loose curly hair and white gloves allow the dress to be the star.  

I think this is a perfect coordinate for a casual day.  Not too fussy or uncomfortable and I do love a nice up-do.  Check her post for more pictures and run downs of her outfits. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chocolate Rings

 I made some what I think are pretty cute rings.  Little chocolates and candy sweets on lace doily's and pastel rings.  What is not cute about that?  I am going to be selling jewelry, bags, accessories, and more on a regular basis now.

  I am going to sell on my blog first (with a discount) because I want to give you gals and guys first dibs.  My blog and its readers are my first priority.  After you guys get the first shot I am going to put them in a sales post on egl sales, then Etsy, and then back on the blog at the regular price. 

Chocolate Cookie on Pink Chunky Ring
$5.50 regular price $6.50

 Square Chocolate on White Chunky Ring 
$5.50 regular price $6.50

 Chocolate Heart on Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $6.00

 Chocolate Heart on Pink Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $7.00
 Chocolate Heart on Purple Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $7.00

Square Chocolate on Pink Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $6.00 

If you want to snag one just let me know in the comments.  Shipping will be cheap.  $2.00 in the USA and $3.50 international.  No additional shipping for more than one ring.  I really love these new rings and hope they go to good homes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simple Angelic Pretty Wallpaper

I made another wallpaper and this time it is an Angelic Pretty one.  Obviously.  I could have gone over the top with this one but I decided to do a simple design.  I want to do another one in the future and I will go a little wild with that one.
Enjoy.  I do hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daily Lolita Highlight: Vysanthe

 First off, I just want to say that I want everything that Vysanthe is wearing in her Daily Lolita post.  Everything.  Vysanthe has several really lovely pieces she shows us and I am sure that the rest of her closet is full of great pieces.  

Look at her cream and maroon classic coordinate.  Her Innocent World bolero, JSK, and socks are nicely accented by her  light brown pigtails with flowers and a big bow.  With all of the Sweet out there, Classic is a nice fresh breath of air.  I also like how her pigtails hang in a natural manner.  I like more natural hair styles with Classic Lolita and this is a perfect non-fussy look. 

 Here is a picture of her and her fella (cute couple).  I am sure my husband would be jealous of his hair.  It is very nice that her significant other joins in  her love of Elegant and Gothic style.  
Wearing Angelic Pretty and carrying a frilly Baby parasol she looks adorable in front of a natural and green backdrop.  One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to get dressed in my favorite Lolita coordinate and go somewhere beautiful.  I don't get to do it often so it is always a treat.  I am one of those girls who feel Lolita needs a blouse under a JSK but if it is really hot I understand.  Plus, the parasol adds a bit of cover.  For some reason it makes the outfit a bit more modest.
I thought I would end this Daily Lolita Highlight with one of the cutest pictures I have seen on Daily Lolita.  So sweet.  Be sure to check out her original post for more pictures and a short video.  You will not be disappointed. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lolita Bags that look like Books, So Cute!

  We all have certain  things that we have a soft spot for and one of mine is Book Bags.  I don't have one because I don't have the money for it but one day I will and I am sure it will be amazing.  Many of the brands make their own version and I have to say, I have not seen one that I don't like.  In fact, I really want them all.  

 These Alice and the Pirates bags are so perfect for almost an outfit or style.  They come in a few different colors (black, brown, red, and white I believe.)  They are stiff so you can carry heavier items in them and they seem pretty sturdy. 

 Adorable.  Leave it to Angelic Pretty to make a pastel cake like book bag.  I am super surprised that every Sweet Lolita does not have this bag on their Daily Lolita post.  It is almost like a clock book bag.  I love the colors of light blue and creamy gold.  It is a good thing that I don't live next to any Lolita stores because I have a feeling that I would not be able to resist these bags if I saw them in person.

 Another amazing AatP bag.  This one has a long chain so you can wear it from your shoulder.  It is nice when you don't have to carry your bag the whole time you have it on your person.  Sometimes you go somewhere where you want both of your hands free.  Can't you just picture this bag paired with a lovely chiffon Gothic Lolita coordinate? 

Innocent World has some of the most stunning Classic Lolita clothing that you can buy (my opinion).  They have such a tasteful design style.  Very smart looks.  The book bags that they have made remind me of the old hard cover books that you find in antique shops.  It would be great if they had that old book smell too.  There is something about the smell that old books have.

If I had to choose only one bag from the above pictures I would have to choose the first Alice and the Pirates bag.  Most likely the red or white one.  What about you?  Which one would you pick?
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