Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daily Lolita Highlight: Vysanthe

 First off, I just want to say that I want everything that Vysanthe is wearing in her Daily Lolita post.  Everything.  Vysanthe has several really lovely pieces she shows us and I am sure that the rest of her closet is full of great pieces.  

Look at her cream and maroon classic coordinate.  Her Innocent World bolero, JSK, and socks are nicely accented by her  light brown pigtails with flowers and a big bow.  With all of the Sweet out there, Classic is a nice fresh breath of air.  I also like how her pigtails hang in a natural manner.  I like more natural hair styles with Classic Lolita and this is a perfect non-fussy look. 

 Here is a picture of her and her fella (cute couple).  I am sure my husband would be jealous of his hair.  It is very nice that her significant other joins in  her love of Elegant and Gothic style.  
Wearing Angelic Pretty and carrying a frilly Baby parasol she looks adorable in front of a natural and green backdrop.  One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to get dressed in my favorite Lolita coordinate and go somewhere beautiful.  I don't get to do it often so it is always a treat.  I am one of those girls who feel Lolita needs a blouse under a JSK but if it is really hot I understand.  Plus, the parasol adds a bit of cover.  For some reason it makes the outfit a bit more modest.
I thought I would end this Daily Lolita Highlight with one of the cutest pictures I have seen on Daily Lolita.  So sweet.  Be sure to check out her original post for more pictures and a short video.  You will not be disappointed. 


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