Thursday, October 27, 2011

Veronica Elisse JSK by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

 Baby the Stars Shine Bright is one of my favorite brands just like many Lolita's out there.  They have such a nice design aesthetic.  They know what a Lolita wants in his/her clothing.  There are very few pieces that they have made that I do not like and this is not one of them.  I love it!   I am not sure where I first saw the Veronica Elisse JSK, but it caught my eye immediately.  This post is just going to be me gushing abut this JSK.  Prepare yourself. 

 The large bow is cute with a nautical feel to it as it sets on top of a row of opaque set of three cream bows.  The tiny round cream buttons frame the bows.  They don't stand out but are a nice touch that finishes the bodice.  It was a smart idea to use the stripe fabric on the sides of the bodice facing in and down.  It is slimming.  It gives the illusion of an hour glass figure. 
 I am always a fan of shirring in the back of dresses.  It allows for a comfortable fit and the corset style lacing is attractive.  The Veronica Elisse JSK comes in 4 colors.  Teal, black, pink, and cream/off white.  They all look nice but the teal is my favorite.  You don't see teal in Lolita all that often.

  The removable wait ties are nice because not everyone likes waist ties.  I am leaning towards no waist ties at the moment but it is nice to have the choice.  Lace and ruffles at the hem along with 4 bows make for a light and delicate skirt.  It has tiny gathers along the waist which keep it from getting too bulky looking.  
All in all, just a lovely dress.  If I could I would have it in all 4 colors and wear them all proudly.

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  1. I am in absolute love with this dress! The colors, the placement of the bows and the overall design are all just so romantic and beautiful! Anyone that is wearing this dress will be sure to feel like a princess~

    Thanks so much for posting this! (I must find a way to get one xD )

    ~ Kieli ~


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