Friday, October 14, 2011

Chocolate Rings

 I made some what I think are pretty cute rings.  Little chocolates and candy sweets on lace doily's and pastel rings.  What is not cute about that?  I am going to be selling jewelry, bags, accessories, and more on a regular basis now.

  I am going to sell on my blog first (with a discount) because I want to give you gals and guys first dibs.  My blog and its readers are my first priority.  After you guys get the first shot I am going to put them in a sales post on egl sales, then Etsy, and then back on the blog at the regular price. 

Chocolate Cookie on Pink Chunky Ring
$5.50 regular price $6.50

 Square Chocolate on White Chunky Ring 
$5.50 regular price $6.50

 Chocolate Heart on Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $6.00

 Chocolate Heart on Pink Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $7.00
 Chocolate Heart on Purple Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $7.00

Square Chocolate on Pink Doily Ring
$5.50 regular price $6.00 

If you want to snag one just let me know in the comments.  Shipping will be cheap.  $2.00 in the USA and $3.50 international.  No additional shipping for more than one ring.  I really love these new rings and hope they go to good homes.


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