Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby The Stars Shine Bright and CWC Collaboration Neo Blythe

 This Blythe Doll is so cute.  She reminds me of Sailor Moon.  I know she does not have the sailor fuku uniform but there are many similarities.  Blonde hair, blue and white, knee high boots, and long gloves make her too cute to resist.  The constellation print and delicate white lace make me wish I had the same dress.  The dark midnight blue and crisp white have a contrast that catches the eye. 

  Here is what Baby has to say about her....

Lolita fashion dressed in cute costumes, Bryce has captivated the hearts of fans as a singer idol of the galaxy, it is "hime Hoshino tears."
Costume, and color-coordinated silver midnight blue × white ×, constellations and ribbons,
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright brand mark "B" Lolita fans do not have to pay attention to is the use of motifs and four ribbons, "Hoshino tears Princess" looks cute and is attracted to resonate with voices Ru should ★
Set contents] Doll, over dress, skirt, headband, gloves, earrings, boots, shorts, stand, microphone stand] [Contact us for sales www.blythedoll.com
Release Date: September 2011 Release Price: 20,790 yen (tax included)
Body Limited 1500


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