Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Lolita Highlight : Fan Chan

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope your weekend treated you well.  Mine was pretty fun.  An early Halloween party on Saturday (I was a Grecian Goddess) and pumpkin carving on Sunday made for a nice carefree time.  Okay. On to the Daily Lolita Highlight.  I saw this post over a week ago on Daily Lolita and am now only able to write it.  So here we go.....

 What we have on our hands here is a lovely Classic Lolita.  On her post she says that her camera over exposed the shot and that is why the above picture is bright.  I thought she did it on purpose.  It fits with the white walls, her blouse, and frilly parasol.  Being a girl who is just a bit taller than 5 feet tall I am jealous of her ballerina long limbs.  Look at that couch.  It is the perfect seat for a Lolita to rest her feet.

With winter coming it is time to bring out our heavier one piece dresses and heavier fabrics.  Her wine colored Mary Magdalene OP makes me think of holiday parties and snow.  The simple pairing of loose curly hair and white gloves allow the dress to be the star.  

I think this is a perfect coordinate for a casual day.  Not too fussy or uncomfortable and I do love a nice up-do.  Check her post for more pictures and run downs of her outfits. 


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