Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Lolita Blogs I Like Part 2

There are so many great Lolita blogs out there so I knew I had to do a few 3 Lolita Blogs I Like posts. This is part 2, you can read part 1 here. I will most likely be doing more, a part 3 and 4 are probably in our future. It feels like new Lolita blogs pop up everyday so it is hard to keep up. I find I have to make the rounds about once a month looking for new Lolita blogs. It also feels as if as many blogs that are appearing there are ones that are disappearing. I know a lot of you already know these blogs but perhaps you don't and these will be new and now part of your Lolita blog reading. Now, 3 MORE Lolita Blogs I Like....

I have been reading Luna Rain for quite some time and have enjoyed every post. Many of her posts are on new prints and of different series by the popular brands, pictures and details about local meet ups, and orders of new goodies she has purchased. I l-o-v-e seeing the things that people order. It is so much fun, you can kind of live vicariously through them. Posts where there are lots of pictures and details are the best and she does those well. Hop on over to her site and have a good time.

Just like her banner above, New Vogue Children has some of the prettiest pictures. I love looking at all her pictures. She has tons of pictures of what she wore that day, wardrobe shots, shoe pics, cute bunnies, and more. If I had a chance to snag her Lolita wardrobe I would be the happiest camper.  She has quite the collection that any Lolita would be proud of. Especially her parasols. I have a fondness and weakness for them and she has some really nice ones. She has been writing since 2009 so there is a nice backlog to read through. Enjoy!

Some of you might know Ramble Rori from egl. For quite a bit of time she was doing Lolita based surveys pertaining to brands, relationships, family, money, and more. She has quite a few and they are worth looking at. I remember participating in many of them and I really enjoyed seeing the results. GO take a peek at the results of here surveys and learn a thing or two about your fellow Lolitas. In addition to her surveys she writes about daily Lolita, being a bad ass, and more. I always enjoy her site and look forward to new posts.

I know I read a lot of Lolita blogs but I am sure that there are many that I don't know about. Do you read one that you really love? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know, give me your suggestions.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ick: Super Cute Indie Lolita Clothing Shop

We all know the big Lolita brands; Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Meta, and more but apart from these big names there are many indie brands and seamstresses out there who make beautiful dresses and blouses. Ick happens to be one of those cute little shops.

I saw her post on egl last week and was please to see her cute designs that I think any Lolita would really like to wear. There are a few pieces in her shop which I am particularly fond of. I like the Little Bear JSK and the Rose Series Skirt. The Rose Series print is so feminine and delicate. The prices are reasonable and wouldn't put anyone in debt. The dresses range from $80 to $150. Some of them even come with a matching bow and/bag. Awesome. Matching goodies are the best. If you want bloomers I think her shop is the place to get them. They are very reasonable and cute. They have short and longer ones from $12 to $20. Save yourself from any embarrassing moments by wearing bloomers. Windy days will no longer be an issue.

 These two dresses are super cute. I would plan a spring picnic for the first one and an evening on the town for the second one. Her shop offers a few different collections and there are more on the way. If she keeps sewing and expanding I can see a successful indie Lolita brand. I think it could be popular.

In addition to the shop, Ick has many other pages that support it. Ick has a Facebook page, a Twitter page, an Etsy shop, and a Tumblr. If you want to follow Ick and be up to date on all of the cute dresses and skirts make sure you follow one or all of their pages. I know I am going to follow Ick on Facebook.
Go take a peek at the cute clothes and tell me which is your favorite.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Lolita Runway Challenge: Project Summer hosted by ABC Lolita

ABC Lolita made a post today proposing a cool and fun idea. A
Lolita Runway Challenge just like Project Runway but just spanning the summer. The first challenge would be to make a replica of the Op or JSK of your choosing. Here is a little excerpt...

Lolita Runway Challenge: Project Summer

I was chatting with another Lolita and came up with the idea for a Project Runway-type challenge that spans the summer. If successful, there could be more challenges in the future, but we're starting simple for now.

The timeline would, of course, be much longer than the Project Runway timeline.
1) Challenge Announcement
2) Fashion Sketch or Fashion Drawing or Technical Flats (basically, get your idea in)
3) Material Hunt
4) Drape, Pattern, Alter, etc.
5) Sew forever
6) Photo and post!

The first challenge would be to make a replica, but you can change the details. It still must be obvious which dress you are replicating (I wanted everybody to replicate the same dress to see everybody's take on it, but that can change). This would be an easier first challenge because you can simply make an exact replica if altering patterns or designing are not your forte. This allows beginners to participate as well as seasoned seamstresses (see if you can make it EXACTLY like the original!)

 I love this idea! So much fun. This gives me the final push to make a certain outfit I have been wanting to make. I fell in love with the Milky Rail Train Set by Alice and the Pirates.
 The first time I saw it I knew it was love. So pretty. I guess it is one of my dream dresses. I just realized it. It is a dream dress. But, I don't have over $500 for one dress so I continue to dream. Hence, this challenge is the perfect time to make my dream dress. If I do a good job people won't be able to tell the difference.

I am sure there will be more info and more details in the future. Right now it is just an idea that will hopefully happen. It is open to anyone. So, tell your friends and spread the word. It would be great if lots of people participated.

Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Lolita Blogs I Like

As of right now I am following/reading over 200 blogs and most of them are Lolita. There are some cat, cute, Japanese Fashion, or food related but the majority are Lolita in nature. Some of them are very active and some haven't posted in some time but I still follow them since they might post any day. Reading Lolita blogs makes me happy and smile everyday and I want to share these blogs that make me smile with you. It was a bit of a difficulty choosing just 3 Lolita blogs that I liked and wanted to share. I feel this might have a follow up post of two. Now, onto my 3 Lolita blogs  that I like......

Kaho's Lolita World is such a cute blog. It is about a mother and daughter who both wear Lolita together. So cute. My favorite part of her blog is her posts on new dresses. Kaho and her daughter get so many cute Ops and JSKs. I am a bit jealous. Her blog is in English even though she is from Japan and now lives Singapore. We are all lucky she knows English and chooses to write her blog in English. She has a nice little backlog of posts that you can read so hop on over and check it out.

If I am not mistaken F Yeah Lolita is one of the first Lolita blogs that I read/followed. It was popular even then. She has been writing since 2009 and many of her posts are very well written and informative, especially for a new Lolita. She has many posts for you to read. Some of her popular posts which include how to avoid being an Ita, how to build a strong Lolita wardrobe, and more. Her blog is full of information and you should put on your frilliest bathing suit go swim in the pool of a Lolita education.

When I think of the Parfait Doll blog and its author, Victoria Suzanne, I think of pink. How can I not? It is all pink when it comes to her. Pink hair, pink layout, and pink posts. As a fellow pink lover I really love it and appreciate it. Her blog is very well written but I love her pictures the most. I can spend a bit of time just scrolling through looking at her pictures. But, if you want to take your time and read instead of just breezing through you are in for a treat.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Lolita Highlight: duplica_chan

Happy June Everyone! Summer is almost here. To me summer and Lolita means pastel colors and light fabrics to remain cool. Tea Party Shoes and floral head pieces. It is a nice time to be a Lolita.When it is not too hot walking around in your best coordinate always feels good. I love carrying my Angelic Pretty parasol on sunny days to stay cool and save my pale skin.

If I could steal new coordinates from anyone right now it would be from duplica_chan. Her post on Daily Lolita is full of fun, lovely, tasteful, and gorgeous coordinates that anyone could wear with pride. Her wardrobe that she shows off in her post is eclectic and spans many brands. AP, IW, Bodyline, Secret Shop, H&M, JetJ, Suppurate System, Atelier Pinky, Vivienne Westwood, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Meta, and a replica. Woo! That is a collection.

I love this coordinate. You don't see a lot of brown in Lolita and I think it looks great here.  It all goes so well together. The cream blouse, brown under-bust jsk, gold shoes and bag, and great accessories. That bag is pretty amazing. Book bags and crown bags are awesome and I would love to have so many of them. She looks so pretty. If I looked like her in that amazing outfit I would be pleased as punch.

 She looks like an angel in these pictures. The lovely white Vivienne Westwood JSK and gold tidbits are so pretty. Her make up and hair match perfectly. The black eye shadow and pale lips show off her outfit and do not over shadow it. I especially love her up do. Up dos in Lolita are so nice.

 Most Daily Lolita poss have a couple to a few pictures at most so when someone does a post with lots of pictures it is a nice treat. Especially when it is full of fun coordinates and lots of looks. duplica_chan was sweet enough to post tons of pictures in her post and post even more in the comments. Make sure you see all the pictures when you visit her post.

 Twinning is at its best when it is done in Angelic Pretty, in my opinion. AP makes such recognizable prints and when you see two girls in the same print and dress, hair, accessories, and shoes it is super cute.

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