Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Lolita Blogs I Like

As of right now I am following/reading over 200 blogs and most of them are Lolita. There are some cat, cute, Japanese Fashion, or food related but the majority are Lolita in nature. Some of them are very active and some haven't posted in some time but I still follow them since they might post any day. Reading Lolita blogs makes me happy and smile everyday and I want to share these blogs that make me smile with you. It was a bit of a difficulty choosing just 3 Lolita blogs that I liked and wanted to share. I feel this might have a follow up post of two. Now, onto my 3 Lolita blogs  that I like......

Kaho's Lolita World is such a cute blog. It is about a mother and daughter who both wear Lolita together. So cute. My favorite part of her blog is her posts on new dresses. Kaho and her daughter get so many cute Ops and JSKs. I am a bit jealous. Her blog is in English even though she is from Japan and now lives Singapore. We are all lucky she knows English and chooses to write her blog in English. She has a nice little backlog of posts that you can read so hop on over and check it out.

If I am not mistaken F Yeah Lolita is one of the first Lolita blogs that I read/followed. It was popular even then. She has been writing since 2009 and many of her posts are very well written and informative, especially for a new Lolita. She has many posts for you to read. Some of her popular posts which include how to avoid being an Ita, how to build a strong Lolita wardrobe, and more. Her blog is full of information and you should put on your frilliest bathing suit go swim in the pool of a Lolita education.

When I think of the Parfait Doll blog and its author, Victoria Suzanne, I think of pink. How can I not? It is all pink when it comes to her. Pink hair, pink layout, and pink posts. As a fellow pink lover I really love it and appreciate it. Her blog is very well written but I love her pictures the most. I can spend a bit of time just scrolling through looking at her pictures. But, if you want to take your time and read instead of just breezing through you are in for a treat.


  1. I follow a lot of blogs too xD I also follow "F Yeah Lolita" and "Parfait Doll" but I never saw "Kaho's Lolita World" before. I find it amazing that not only is the mother still following the fashion - but her daughter is also interested in it. I think that's really great and thank you so much for introducing it to me! Now I have another blog to follow :)

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. I really adore "F Yeah Lolita" and I follow "Parfait Doll", too, but never heard of Kaho. It's such a great blog I have no idea I didn't know about it!

  3. Thank you! I'm also a royal fan of your blog too. I do buy lots of dresses because there are two of us and we have easier access to Lolita clothes compares to others :)


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