Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Lolita Highlight: duplica_chan

Happy June Everyone! Summer is almost here. To me summer and Lolita means pastel colors and light fabrics to remain cool. Tea Party Shoes and floral head pieces. It is a nice time to be a Lolita.When it is not too hot walking around in your best coordinate always feels good. I love carrying my Angelic Pretty parasol on sunny days to stay cool and save my pale skin.

If I could steal new coordinates from anyone right now it would be from duplica_chan. Her post on Daily Lolita is full of fun, lovely, tasteful, and gorgeous coordinates that anyone could wear with pride. Her wardrobe that she shows off in her post is eclectic and spans many brands. AP, IW, Bodyline, Secret Shop, H&M, JetJ, Suppurate System, Atelier Pinky, Vivienne Westwood, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Meta, and a replica. Woo! That is a collection.

I love this coordinate. You don't see a lot of brown in Lolita and I think it looks great here.  It all goes so well together. The cream blouse, brown under-bust jsk, gold shoes and bag, and great accessories. That bag is pretty amazing. Book bags and crown bags are awesome and I would love to have so many of them. She looks so pretty. If I looked like her in that amazing outfit I would be pleased as punch.

 She looks like an angel in these pictures. The lovely white Vivienne Westwood JSK and gold tidbits are so pretty. Her make up and hair match perfectly. The black eye shadow and pale lips show off her outfit and do not over shadow it. I especially love her up do. Up dos in Lolita are so nice.

 Most Daily Lolita poss have a couple to a few pictures at most so when someone does a post with lots of pictures it is a nice treat. Especially when it is full of fun coordinates and lots of looks. duplica_chan was sweet enough to post tons of pictures in her post and post even more in the comments. Make sure you see all the pictures when you visit her post.

 Twinning is at its best when it is done in Angelic Pretty, in my opinion. AP makes such recognizable prints and when you see two girls in the same print and dress, hair, accessories, and shoes it is super cute.


  1. I agree about her brown coordinate! I love those gold shoes!!!

  2. amazing coordinations!!!Especially love the gold one and twinning AP :)

  3. She has some seriously awesome coordinates! Her outfits are such an inspiration! It really modivates me to continue wearing the fashion!


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