Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Lolita Blogs I Like Part 2

There are so many great Lolita blogs out there so I knew I had to do a few 3 Lolita Blogs I Like posts. This is part 2, you can read part 1 here. I will most likely be doing more, a part 3 and 4 are probably in our future. It feels like new Lolita blogs pop up everyday so it is hard to keep up. I find I have to make the rounds about once a month looking for new Lolita blogs. It also feels as if as many blogs that are appearing there are ones that are disappearing. I know a lot of you already know these blogs but perhaps you don't and these will be new and now part of your Lolita blog reading. Now, 3 MORE Lolita Blogs I Like....

I have been reading Luna Rain for quite some time and have enjoyed every post. Many of her posts are on new prints and of different series by the popular brands, pictures and details about local meet ups, and orders of new goodies she has purchased. I l-o-v-e seeing the things that people order. It is so much fun, you can kind of live vicariously through them. Posts where there are lots of pictures and details are the best and she does those well. Hop on over to her site and have a good time.

Just like her banner above, New Vogue Children has some of the prettiest pictures. I love looking at all her pictures. She has tons of pictures of what she wore that day, wardrobe shots, shoe pics, cute bunnies, and more. If I had a chance to snag her Lolita wardrobe I would be the happiest camper.  She has quite the collection that any Lolita would be proud of. Especially her parasols. I have a fondness and weakness for them and she has some really nice ones. She has been writing since 2009 so there is a nice backlog to read through. Enjoy!

Some of you might know Ramble Rori from egl. For quite a bit of time she was doing Lolita based surveys pertaining to brands, relationships, family, money, and more. She has quite a few and they are worth looking at. I remember participating in many of them and I really enjoyed seeing the results. GO take a peek at the results of here surveys and learn a thing or two about your fellow Lolitas. In addition to her surveys she writes about daily Lolita, being a bad ass, and more. I always enjoy her site and look forward to new posts.

I know I read a lot of Lolita blogs but I am sure that there are many that I don't know about. Do you read one that you really love? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know, give me your suggestions.


  1. I love reading these posts! It gives me some really excellent blogs to follow! Thanks so much. :D

  2. nice.. cute blog ;)
    i am your newest follower..


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