Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sailor Moon Stuff & Jewelry

  I have decided that I am just going to show off my Sailor Moon stuff.  I have so much and I want to share it.  Here are a few things that I found in the attic.  My Sailor Moon things are in very different shape.  Some, I bought in middle school and used and it is in rough shape and other things have never been opened and are in pristine condition.  Here are a few of the older things.

I have other cd's but these are the few that I found tucked away.  I wore the watch for about a month before it broke because it was made with cheap plastic.  
I want to start showing off some of my Lolita collection and I thought that I would start small with jewelry.  First, I have to tell you that I have zero to little storage for my jewelry and I need to get on it.  Right now all I have is one little glass jewelry box.

Ok, I know what you are thinking.  A gun isn't Lolita.  It isn't but I love it none the less.  I found the gun charm on Etsy when I was ordering jewelry supplies and I just had to have it.  I bought it with a trident and an ax charms as well and my husband wanted the ax so I made a necklace for him.  The gun is sooo heavy and nicely detailed.  The rest of the jewelry and accessories is your standard pink.  I really love cute pink animal rings.  The bunny and the cat are super cute.
Just a few of the bows and hair corsages that I have made.  I really like to cute up my hair everyday and an easy way to do that is to add a flower and/or bow.  
I can't wait to bring out all of my Sailor Moon stuff and Lolita collection to photograph and share.  It will be super fun.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Attic Goodies I Found

  I used to be a real pack rat just like my mother.  Nothing the hoarding people but I just never threw anything out so when I didn't want something anymore I just tossed it up in the attic.  This makes for a messy attic and also finding treasures.  I found boxes labeled "Ponies and Figures" so I knew that was going to be a good one, and it was.  I know there are more My Little Ponies out there that I haven't found yet but this is just a sampling of what I did find.
Some are original and some are the newer ones that came out several years ago.  The large ones are the newer ones and the small ones are original.  The small one on the right is  Flutter Pony and she was one of my favorites.  She and many others were in first My Little Pony movie which came out in the 80's.  I watched it too many times to count.  Here is a clip of the movie where the Flutter Ponies save the day.  Awesome!
I also found the small twin ponies Rattles and Tattles.  Too Cute.
I can't believe how good they look for being 21 years old.  Their hair is still curly and they aren't too dirty.  I will have to find some place special to set out my favorite ponies to show them off.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cinderella Jewelry Print

  Last week I was bummin' on Baby's Alice and the Pirates latest print, Vampire Forest.  Now, this week I am glowing at Baby's new print Cinderella Jewelry.  When I read that they had their new print out I didn't get too excited because of last week and boy was I happily surprised.  So, lets get started.  The print.
I just L-O-V-E this print.  I just smiled when I saw  this.  Cinderella wearing the slipper and having her hand kissed by Prince Charming is just too sweet.  The filigree frame, floating pearls, dangling jewels, and lace ribbons make this a very feminine print.  I really like the other prints but there is just something magical about the one above.
 The two JSK's have great designs to go with the great prints and colors.  

The first JSK has a lower waist line which I really like.  The delicate sheer black lace on the straps and the small ruffle along the hem make this perhaps ones of my favorite JSKs that Baby has ever made.  I love how the print on the skirt goes pretty high.  It makes the skirt look very full and fluffy.  The pink JSK is super young and sweet looking.  The gathered and tucked bodice and large bow at the waist make this JSK so pretty.  Baby really knew what they were doing when they were designing this collection.  Now for my absolute favorite piece, the Op.
I would feel just like Cinderella in this dress.  How could you not?  Let me list the reasons why I love this Op.  This silhouette, the long detachable sleeves, the open neckline, the delicate lace, the open skirt front, the bows, the pearl and heart charm, and everything else.
  There are other pieces but I really wanted to show off these few.  What do you think of them?  Do you love love love them like me or are you not really a fan?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lolita Hair Product Find

  Last week I was doing my regular grocery shopping trip and in the Hair Care isle I spotted a pink and yellow bottle that I just had to look at.  It was in the area where they sell the "cooler" hair products like Bed Head and got2b.  It was about $5 but it was an impulse purchase.  The bottle is just so pretty I am happy to show it off in my bathroom.  It came with super cute little charms that I assume you can put on you phone, bag, or whatever else you want to add a little bit of cute. 
Smooth Operator is a balm that you work into your hair after your shower and it allows you to style your hair and it will stay better.  I have not used it yet but I think I will next weekend when I get a little dressier with my Lolita.  I wear Lolita everyday no matter what I am doing but on the weekends I tend to do a bit more just because I don't have to go to work and we do more fun things. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Loli-able Find

  When I was helping my mother clean out the attic I found tons of fun things and even more junk.  All the junk went into the trash bin and the good stuff came home with me.  Among the Sailor Moon stuff and nostalgic things I found a super pretty blouse that I think I can do something with.  It s not perfect by itself but with a little sewing it will be something special.
It is completely sheer so it will have to go under a JSK but that is alright.   The sleeves aren't quite how I would like them to be so I am going to make them 3/4 length.  I have no idea who this belonged to.  My mother did not recognize it and we are the only 2 girls in the house so it s a mystery. 

Vampire Forest Dissapointment

  When I heard that there was going to be a "sequel" to Vampire Requiem I got very excited.  Vampire Requiem is one of those dream prints for me.  It really reminds me of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.  Baby did such a good job with it and I expected the same for Vampire Forest.  When I saw the print, dress, and Jsk's I made a sad face.  As a whole the collection is not my favorite at all.  The print on it's own has great images and when they are put together I like them but the color choices might be a bit off.
These top three fabric swatches make me sad.  These look as if Baby stuck a bunch of stickers on black, red, or periwinkle fabric.  The pictures are too separate from the background.   They did get it right with their dark navy color.
Since the whole fabric has a blue color of some sort, it fits.  This is just my opinion.  Do you love the red and not the navy?  I am sure there are people who do. On to the actual pieces.  I will start at my least favorite and work up to the best.  First, 1 of the 2 JSK's. 
When I saw this the first thing that came to mind is "This is what a 1st year fashion design student designs and learns to make."  This is so basic and so unexciting it makes me sad.  The black lace embellishment on the bust is a good start but not nearly enough by itself. This JSK just needs more. Now for the skirt.
Again, it just needs more. This fabric print and color just looks like $1/yard fabric you get at the JoAnns Fabric.  This design is pretty bland and done.  On to the dress.
This dress is not all bad for me.  I really like the detail on the front skirt panel.  The lace on the bodice that circles the waist then runs up the front is lovely.  The two bows and cap sleeves are really cute.  The only problem I have with this dress is the fabric print and the strangeness of the black front panel.  Other than the front there is no other black fabric to be seen.   I just wish that the black fabric went all the way up the front.  The head bow is pretty cute.  Even with this print and color I really like it.
The bow is so flowy and the black center rose is great.  The delicate lace sewn to the hem finishes the bow and makes it very feminine and delicate looking.  Even thought  I like this I would never spend 30 something dollars on it.  It would have to be a lot more magical for me to actively seek it out.  Now, for the best piece in my opinion, the 2nd JSK.
Please don't misunderstand me when I say this is my favorite piece in the Vampire Forest collection.  I like this but I do not love it at all.  The bodice is nice, the bottom ruffle is cute as all heck, and the simple and flat straps will fit nicely under a blouses collar.  I do not like the skirt portion, it looks awkward to me.  There is something about the panels that just don't sit right with me.  I also am not a fan of the fine lace detail running down the princess seams of the skirt.  I would have loved to have seen a  black chiffon peplum that opened i the front.  
I am so sorry that this has been a bit of a negative post.  I normally love Baby and AaTP.  This particular collection just fell flat for me.  How do you feel about it?  Do you love every piece or do you feel as I do?
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