Monday, October 4, 2010

Lolita Hair Product Find

  Last week I was doing my regular grocery shopping trip and in the Hair Care isle I spotted a pink and yellow bottle that I just had to look at.  It was in the area where they sell the "cooler" hair products like Bed Head and got2b.  It was about $5 but it was an impulse purchase.  The bottle is just so pretty I am happy to show it off in my bathroom.  It came with super cute little charms that I assume you can put on you phone, bag, or whatever else you want to add a little bit of cute. 
Smooth Operator is a balm that you work into your hair after your shower and it allows you to style your hair and it will stay better.  I have not used it yet but I think I will next weekend when I get a little dressier with my Lolita.  I wear Lolita everyday no matter what I am doing but on the weekends I tend to do a bit more just because I don't have to go to work and we do more fun things. 


  1. I actually use this on a pretty regular basis. It's a really good product! My hair is thick and curly so it really helps keep everything in place. Good find.

  2. That is some rather sweet packaging. I like it!

  3. You should make a hair thing out of the charm! :3

  4. Aww I'm so happy to see more people using this product, I lovelovelove it.


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