Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Attic Goodies I Found

  I used to be a real pack rat just like my mother.  Nothing the hoarding people but I just never threw anything out so when I didn't want something anymore I just tossed it up in the attic.  This makes for a messy attic and also finding treasures.  I found boxes labeled "Ponies and Figures" so I knew that was going to be a good one, and it was.  I know there are more My Little Ponies out there that I haven't found yet but this is just a sampling of what I did find.
Some are original and some are the newer ones that came out several years ago.  The large ones are the newer ones and the small ones are original.  The small one on the right is  Flutter Pony and she was one of my favorites.  She and many others were in first My Little Pony movie which came out in the 80's.  I watched it too many times to count.  Here is a clip of the movie where the Flutter Ponies save the day.  Awesome!
I also found the small twin ponies Rattles and Tattles.  Too Cute.
I can't believe how good they look for being 21 years old.  Their hair is still curly and they aren't too dirty.  I will have to find some place special to set out my favorite ponies to show them off.


  1. I have that same set of pony twins! I love finding attic gems like that :D

  2. Omg I was CRAZY for MLP. :P
    I still have mine in the attic too. Lol.

    I had the butterfly one too! ^_^ Ahhhh memories!

  3. Very cute! I don't know much about them, but I love that white one with the pink hair in the top picture.
    Do you follow Alice (another blogging sweet lolita) at Pink Milk Tea? She has an amazing collection of My Little Ponies that she's been telling about recently.

  4. Cute ponies!! It's great you still have your original ponies, I gave most of mine away TT They will be so cute on display!

  5. I do follow her. I love that we Lolitas share our love of other cute things like My Little Ponies.

  6. My sister had the exact same twins! I had purple ones with yellow hair, and my remaining one is in very poor condition.
    Finds like these are the greatest!

  7. OMFG I used to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid! SO MUCH LOVE!

    Also, I want the blonde's sweet blue overalls!

  8. Ok, so I started watching that movie from the beginning on youtube, and I was like "Draggle sounds really familiar" so I went to imdb to look up the voice actress and holy cow there are a ton of celebrity voices in that movie. Draggle is voiced by Madeline Khan (Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles), and Cloris Leachman is Hydia.

  9. I collect My Little Ponies actively and have over 200 of them- I have to say, it's actually somewhat rare to see one of those flutter ponies that not only still HAS its original wings (they're fragile and tend to break off easily in storage and from children playing with them) but has them in good shape.

  10. Oh wow, you're so lucky to still have your old My Little Pony dolls! I wish I still had mine =( I used to have the original pink sea pony >.< I love finding old things that I used to love as a child because now I can appreciate them more ♥ Thanks for posting!

    ~ Kieli ~


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