Friday, October 1, 2010

Loli-able Find

  When I was helping my mother clean out the attic I found tons of fun things and even more junk.  All the junk went into the trash bin and the good stuff came home with me.  Among the Sailor Moon stuff and nostalgic things I found a super pretty blouse that I think I can do something with.  It s not perfect by itself but with a little sewing it will be something special.
It is completely sheer so it will have to go under a JSK but that is alright.   The sleeves aren't quite how I would like them to be so I am going to make them 3/4 length.  I have no idea who this belonged to.  My mother did not recognize it and we are the only 2 girls in the house so it s a mystery. 


  1. noooo dont cut it up! I love it just the way it is and think the lace sleeve part is gorgeous!

  2. Ooh that blouse is so pretty~! I have a couple of sheer blouses and I plan to wear something under them, so maybe that could work as well?
    Anyway, right now I'm especially interested in reading about loliable finds, as I'm currently trying to DIY a great deal of my wardrobe (I have several pieces with which I've been putting it off too long! XD ). Good luck! ^^


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