Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet Streets “American 80s in Japan” x Spank! Popup Shop Pictures

I stumbled upon these adorable pictures a few days ago and I thought I would share them. It isn't completely Lolita related but the pictures were just so cute and fun that I had to share. These are only a few but there are many more on their official page.  Check it out.

Japanese fashion fans living in Southern California have been lucky enough to see two major events take place around Los Angeles in the final month of 2011. The Sweet Streets art exhibition – featuring a popup shop by Tokyo fairy kei fashion brand Spank! – opened at the end of November and ran through Christmas. Rune Boutique with 6%DOKIDOKI x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu followed quickly after. Now that we’re between holidays here in Tokyo, we’re going to share all of our coverage of these two Harajuku-friendly California events with you!
First up: Sweet Streets “American 80s in Japan”, co-curated by Tavuchi from Tokyo’s famous kawaii fashion brand & resale shop Spank!

What I got For Christmas - Lolita Stuff

This is the second part of my What I got For Christmas. Here are the things that will go well with my Lolita wardrobe and things. I didn't get anything brand but that is more than fine. I don't need names to have a good Lolita wardrobe.

 My mother got me these lovely Lord and Taylor pink leather gloves. They are soft and fit very well.  My shoes size, ring size, and hand size are all the same, 6 1/2. Easy to remember. Just a few days before Christmas I was thinking that I needed new gloves.  My old ones cost a dollar and are showing their wear.

 Like Sailor Moon, The Little Mermaid, and cats; I love boots.  My mother got me these rubber rain and snow boots. Now we just need some rain and snow. They fit well and will serve me well in the coming winter months. 

 This cute jewelry display will come in handy. I have lots of jewelry and accessories and I am running out of ways to store and display it. This is perfect.  My aunt and uncle gave it to me. They know I like pink, funky, and girly stuff so this is right up my alley.

This super soft and cute pink scarf is also from my mom. I only have 2 black scarves so this will start to round out my scarf collection. I want to build up a nice set that I can mix and match with.

This might look familiar to you if you had read some of my previous posts. My sneaky and sweet husband got this for me because he read my blog and saw that I wanted one. She is so cute and so small. The doll is about 3.5 inches tall. Adorable. I have been wanting a Pullip doll for quite some time now and it is great to finally have one. 

I got so much this Christmas and had such a great day.

What I got For Christmas - Non Lolita Stuff

It was a great Christmas. I got to see my family and my husbands family. We had Christmas brunch with my family and then Christmas dinner with his. There was no snow so the roads were safe and the day was very clear. My husband and I get too excited for Christmas presents so we always open them the moment the clock hits midnight. We opened our stockings, gave the cats their presents, and then opened ours.

 Eirwyn (pronounced Air Win) "helped" me take pictures of the presents.  Everything I tried to take pictures of she swatted at and tried to steal.

 I am  still not exactly sure what this is but it is cute. My husband bought it for me. They are super small. A tiny cow milk carton, a caterpillar or soy bean, and a snail thing.

 This was  my big gift from my husband. He really spoils me and this Christmas was no different. Last year he got me Kindle because I am a big reader. I use it everyday. This year he got me a Kindle Fire. I will not use it as my e-reader but I will use it for everything else. Facebook, Netflix, games, weather, and more. It is so cool. He got an iPad 2 so we both have fun new toys to play with.

  I love The Little Mermaid. She is so pretty and the movie is just amazing. This cute set of Little Mermaid Squinkies was a nice little surprise.

 I already have about 6 Monster High Dolls and they are so cool.  I have a vampire, yeti, ghost, ghoul, werewolf, and a fire one. They are kind of like the Ball Jointed Dolls for me. I like the style and detail of them. So, my husband got all excited when he saw this Bee/Insect one. She is cute. She reminds me of my favorite She Ra doll when I was little.

 My mother gave my husband and I a goody bag full of fun things and yummy treats. This Versace perfume roll on is really pretty but I don't know if the scent is for me. It is a very warm and serious smell. Perhaps I will grow into it.

Pocky from my sister in law. Yummy.  She also get me some yummy tea and other treats. She always get me really fun stuff. She knows me well.

 I like puzzles but they get into my head.  I have a very hard time leaving them for later. Thank goodness that my husband got me a 500 piece one. I got it done in less than a day.

 I saw these cute rubber guys at our local Walmart and they are so cute. They have little glow balls in them so when you smack them they strobe. I think the snail and little seal love each other.  

Hello Kitty is so much fun and since they have been licensing out with stores like Target it is easy to find Hello Kitty stuff now. This cute wallet was given to me by my sister in law. I am already using it. It is perfect. I love the size and it is just so much fun.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Metamorphose Lucky Packs For Sale

Lucky Packs are in full swing and I love the Meta Winter Lucky Pack.  

 Both of the packs look great but there is something about the grey set.  You don't see grey in Lolita a whole lot, what a shame, and I think it is lovely.  The actual design of the JSK is simple but enough.  A simple low neckline, 2 two tier skirt, 5 tasteful bows, and flattering fit make this a great piece.  
The whole lucky pack is strong.  Your standard blouse, JSK, socks, jewelry, a head piece, bag, and bloomers.  The bag is kind of interesting.  I would never pair a gym bag style bag with Lolita but I think it is kind of neat.  It is the perfect size for a busy day out or a sleep over.  
I really love the JSK.  I think I might try to make my own.

My Non-Lolita Christmas Wish List

 Christmas is really making its way to us and I can't wait.  If Santa does not want to bring me any Lolita things then I guess I would settle with some Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and make up.  Here is my non Lolita Christmas Wish List.

 Hello Kitty!  I don't think I have ever met a person who dislikes Hello Kitty.  What is not to love about her?  She is a cute Japanese Bobtail cat that has the cutest outfits, goes everywhere, does everything, and has the most adorable red bow.  I would accept anything Hello Kitty but I have a special weakness for nice Hello Kitty pens.

 You most likely haven't heard of My Glam because it is pretty new but it is really faboo idea.  The owner and creator, Michelle Phan, puts togther a bag of make up goodies every month.  My Glam send you this bag of fun in the mail.  It is that easy.  $10 a month gets you 5 items (plus the bag) of trial and full size name brand make up.  Hop on over to her site and give it a peek.

 Everything I said about Hello Kitty goes for Sailor Moon as well.  I have loved Sailor Moon for about 15 years now (wow-za!) and I still love to Sailor Moon stuff.  I have a pretty good collection but what I would really like now is the reprinting of the manga.  I got the first one the moment it came out and I would like to get the rest.

One of my favorite things to do is to wander a nice make up store.  It is so much fun to walk around and try the samples, see the new stuff, smell the perfumes, and pick out a few special pieces that really catch your eye.  Sephora is the perfect place to do all of those things.  Their stores are so large and have such a selection and variety that you could spend a long time happily browsing.  A nice gift card would be amazing.  I think the closest Sephora is about an hour away from me.  I used to live 10 minutes walking distance from one and I miss that.  My wallet does not miss it though.

I am sure there are a million other things that I would love to get and just can't think of but the above things would be great.  What non Lolita things do you want? 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Lolita Chrsitmas Wish List

  We all have a wish list all year long but Christmas is a time when you are very aware of things that you want in hopes of receiving it.  If I could have one wish granted it would be to have unlimited funds for Lolita clothing.  Oh, that would be amazing.  Could you imagine being able to purchase anything Lolita any time that you wanted?    Anyway, here is what I would like Santa to set under the Christmas tree for me this year.

 I love Lolita bags.  I don't have very many at the moment but I want to build a nice little collection.  Angelic Pretty makes lovely bags and purses.  They always have nice soft shapes like bows, stars, and bunnies. 
 These Baby shoes/boots are awesome!  They are a perfect combination of shoes and boots.  The straps and heart buckles make these shoes stand out and the small bow in the front make them sweet.  The heel seems to be chunkier which is good for me because I am not great at walking in heels.  They come in several colors but I think I would get the most use out of the black ones.  Black goes with most colors.

 How could you not want this Innocent World Crown Bag?  So nice.  It might be a bit hard to coordinate but I don't care.  It would look great with black, white, and red coordinates.  I would want to show it off all the time. 

 I am needing a new winter jacket in a big way.  I have been wearing a lavender hounds-tooth Bodyline coat and it is really starting to show its age.  This Meta coat is great.  It has fur on the collar, great bows, and looks comfy and warm. 

 This one is a little obvious I think.  I just did a post about how amazing Pullip dolls are and of course I would love to get one for Christmas.  So cute! 

I already have a dress by Rose Melody and it is nice.  This dress has a lovely print along the hem and is super flattering.  I don't think that I would wear it without a blouse but I would love it so much.  The pearl and bow details are a nice touch but it is all about the print for me. 

This is what I want for Christmas.  What do you want? 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bodyline for Sale on egl sales

 I have some things up for sale on the egl sales page.  Bodyline pieces like a dress, skirt, blouses, shoes, and more.  Hop on over and check it out!   Most of it is brand new and never worn before.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lace & Petticoats Documentary

We have another Lolita documentary on our hands and this a good one!  

A short documentary on Lolita fashion and subculture in Brisbane. 2010. Third Year BFA Film/TV Documentary Assessment.

Written & Directed by Goldie Soetianto (vysanthe)
Produced by Kasia Rymar
Cinematography by Ethan Waghorn
Sound by Elliot Ryan (technotropism)
Editing by Felicity-Rose Priddle & Elliot Ryan
Original Score by Sara Hayward
Animation by Clancy Coe

It is nice to see a documentary from Australia.  We have already had ones from France, America,  and more so it is nice to be able to add another country to the list. They cover multiple topics like history, aesthetics, community, and wearing Lolita in public.  It is very well put together and a great watch. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pullip Dolls

Like a lot of other Lolitas out there I think ball jointed dolls, Blythe, and other dolls like Dal.  One of my favorite websites to check out everyone in a while is the Pullip Style site.  They carry many cute dolls in all price ranges and styles.  I highly suggest checking it out.  There are so many dolls to look through you are bound to find about a dozen favorites. Here are mine.

They have dolls for each zodiac sign and I of course like the Aquarius because that is my sign.  The blue hair is too pretty.  I want to dye my hair that color.  The AP Christmas Doll is so cute.  I love her dress and kingly crown.

Sailor, Navy, and Nautical themed Lolita is on of my favorite motifs.  Marine Police Marilyn is super cute in her grey dress with sailor stripes and anchors.  I really love her grey hair.  The large curls go so well with her outfit.  The kicky knee high boots, I want them for me.  My husband liked the Docolla Dal Doll.  Oh, that is a mouthful.  The colors are perfect.  Dark blue, black, and fuchsia make a good match.

 Come on.  ow could you not like this doll?  Her tiny hat with tiny tulle make me smile.  

So cool.  Her batty head band and super long curls go with her vinyl dress and lacy stockings and train.  She is just so super cool.  If I was a doll and I wanted to be cool she is what I would aim for.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oodles of Jewelry for Sale

  I have been in love with pearls since I can remember.  They are so lovely.  The soft glow and iridescence make them perfect for jewelry.  I found some lovely pearls in green and white and I had to use them.  They were begging to become necklaces and bracelets.  
Like always I am posting here first at lower prices and tomorrow I will do a pot on the EGL sales page.  So, if you want it, scoop it up.  Below is one picture of each item.  You can click HERE to view the Flickr page where there are more pictures that are bigger and there are multiple views as well.

If you want to snag anything just let me know in the comments which piece/pieces you would like.  Paypal is the prefered method of payment but I will also accept concealed cash/check in the mail if that is better for you.  
Shipping is only $1.50 anywhere (no matter how many or few pieces you buy)

Multi Bead Bracelet $6.50

Pewter Charm Bracelet $6.00

Pearl Chain Bracelet $7.00

Blue & Gold Cookie Necklace $7.00

 Pink Heart Necklace $9.00

Double Decker Bus Necklace $7.00

Large Pink Bow and Pearl Necklace $13.00

Pink Rose Necklace $7.50

Lavender and Silver Necklace $8.00

Pink Dangle Necklace $7.50

3 Tier Pink and Gold Necklace $14.00

Pink Sweet and Dolphin Necklace $7.50

Pink and Green Pearl Necklace $12.00

Pink Chain Pearl Necklace $13.00

Pink Sweet Silver Necklace $7.00

Pearl and Heart Crystal Necklace $12.50

Pink Crystal Chain Necklace $14.00
Red Pearl Necklace $12.00

 Scalloped Tiny Pearl Necklace $17.00

Bobby Pins
Bobby Pins $4.50
Simple Earrings $4.50 per pair

Dangle earrings $6.00 per pair

 Strawberry Tulle Bow $5.00

Silver Crown Earrings $9.00

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