Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet Streets “American 80s in Japan” x Spank! Popup Shop Pictures

I stumbled upon these adorable pictures a few days ago and I thought I would share them. It isn't completely Lolita related but the pictures were just so cute and fun that I had to share. These are only a few but there are many more on their official page.  Check it out.

Japanese fashion fans living in Southern California have been lucky enough to see two major events take place around Los Angeles in the final month of 2011. The Sweet Streets art exhibition – featuring a popup shop by Tokyo fairy kei fashion brand Spank! – opened at the end of November and ran through Christmas. Rune Boutique with 6%DOKIDOKI x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu followed quickly after. Now that we’re between holidays here in Tokyo, we’re going to share all of our coverage of these two Harajuku-friendly California events with you!
First up: Sweet Streets “American 80s in Japan”, co-curated by Tavuchi from Tokyo’s famous kawaii fashion brand & resale shop Spank!

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  1. I wish stuff like this was happening in NY Dx But thank you for sharing! These photos are amazing :3

    ~ Kieli ~


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