Friday, December 30, 2011

What I got For Christmas - Non Lolita Stuff

It was a great Christmas. I got to see my family and my husbands family. We had Christmas brunch with my family and then Christmas dinner with his. There was no snow so the roads were safe and the day was very clear. My husband and I get too excited for Christmas presents so we always open them the moment the clock hits midnight. We opened our stockings, gave the cats their presents, and then opened ours.

 Eirwyn (pronounced Air Win) "helped" me take pictures of the presents.  Everything I tried to take pictures of she swatted at and tried to steal.

 I am  still not exactly sure what this is but it is cute. My husband bought it for me. They are super small. A tiny cow milk carton, a caterpillar or soy bean, and a snail thing.

 This was  my big gift from my husband. He really spoils me and this Christmas was no different. Last year he got me Kindle because I am a big reader. I use it everyday. This year he got me a Kindle Fire. I will not use it as my e-reader but I will use it for everything else. Facebook, Netflix, games, weather, and more. It is so cool. He got an iPad 2 so we both have fun new toys to play with.

  I love The Little Mermaid. She is so pretty and the movie is just amazing. This cute set of Little Mermaid Squinkies was a nice little surprise.

 I already have about 6 Monster High Dolls and they are so cool.  I have a vampire, yeti, ghost, ghoul, werewolf, and a fire one. They are kind of like the Ball Jointed Dolls for me. I like the style and detail of them. So, my husband got all excited when he saw this Bee/Insect one. She is cute. She reminds me of my favorite She Ra doll when I was little.

 My mother gave my husband and I a goody bag full of fun things and yummy treats. This Versace perfume roll on is really pretty but I don't know if the scent is for me. It is a very warm and serious smell. Perhaps I will grow into it.

Pocky from my sister in law. Yummy.  She also get me some yummy tea and other treats. She always get me really fun stuff. She knows me well.

 I like puzzles but they get into my head.  I have a very hard time leaving them for later. Thank goodness that my husband got me a 500 piece one. I got it done in less than a day.

 I saw these cute rubber guys at our local Walmart and they are so cute. They have little glow balls in them so when you smack them they strobe. I think the snail and little seal love each other.  

Hello Kitty is so much fun and since they have been licensing out with stores like Target it is easy to find Hello Kitty stuff now. This cute wallet was given to me by my sister in law. I am already using it. It is perfect. I love the size and it is just so much fun.


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