Friday, December 30, 2011

What I got For Christmas - Lolita Stuff

This is the second part of my What I got For Christmas. Here are the things that will go well with my Lolita wardrobe and things. I didn't get anything brand but that is more than fine. I don't need names to have a good Lolita wardrobe.

 My mother got me these lovely Lord and Taylor pink leather gloves. They are soft and fit very well.  My shoes size, ring size, and hand size are all the same, 6 1/2. Easy to remember. Just a few days before Christmas I was thinking that I needed new gloves.  My old ones cost a dollar and are showing their wear.

 Like Sailor Moon, The Little Mermaid, and cats; I love boots.  My mother got me these rubber rain and snow boots. Now we just need some rain and snow. They fit well and will serve me well in the coming winter months. 

 This cute jewelry display will come in handy. I have lots of jewelry and accessories and I am running out of ways to store and display it. This is perfect.  My aunt and uncle gave it to me. They know I like pink, funky, and girly stuff so this is right up my alley.

This super soft and cute pink scarf is also from my mom. I only have 2 black scarves so this will start to round out my scarf collection. I want to build up a nice set that I can mix and match with.

This might look familiar to you if you had read some of my previous posts. My sneaky and sweet husband got this for me because he read my blog and saw that I wanted one. She is so cute and so small. The doll is about 3.5 inches tall. Adorable. I have been wanting a Pullip doll for quite some time now and it is great to finally have one. 

I got so much this Christmas and had such a great day.


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