Friday, December 23, 2011

My Non-Lolita Christmas Wish List

 Christmas is really making its way to us and I can't wait.  If Santa does not want to bring me any Lolita things then I guess I would settle with some Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and make up.  Here is my non Lolita Christmas Wish List.

 Hello Kitty!  I don't think I have ever met a person who dislikes Hello Kitty.  What is not to love about her?  She is a cute Japanese Bobtail cat that has the cutest outfits, goes everywhere, does everything, and has the most adorable red bow.  I would accept anything Hello Kitty but I have a special weakness for nice Hello Kitty pens.

 You most likely haven't heard of My Glam because it is pretty new but it is really faboo idea.  The owner and creator, Michelle Phan, puts togther a bag of make up goodies every month.  My Glam send you this bag of fun in the mail.  It is that easy.  $10 a month gets you 5 items (plus the bag) of trial and full size name brand make up.  Hop on over to her site and give it a peek.

 Everything I said about Hello Kitty goes for Sailor Moon as well.  I have loved Sailor Moon for about 15 years now (wow-za!) and I still love to Sailor Moon stuff.  I have a pretty good collection but what I would really like now is the reprinting of the manga.  I got the first one the moment it came out and I would like to get the rest.

One of my favorite things to do is to wander a nice make up store.  It is so much fun to walk around and try the samples, see the new stuff, smell the perfumes, and pick out a few special pieces that really catch your eye.  Sephora is the perfect place to do all of those things.  Their stores are so large and have such a selection and variety that you could spend a long time happily browsing.  A nice gift card would be amazing.  I think the closest Sephora is about an hour away from me.  I used to live 10 minutes walking distance from one and I miss that.  My wallet does not miss it though.

I am sure there are a million other things that I would love to get and just can't think of but the above things would be great.  What non Lolita things do you want? 


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