Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lace & Petticoats Documentary

We have another Lolita documentary on our hands and this a good one!  

A short documentary on Lolita fashion and subculture in Brisbane. 2010. Third Year BFA Film/TV Documentary Assessment.

Written & Directed by Goldie Soetianto (vysanthe)
Produced by Kasia Rymar
Cinematography by Ethan Waghorn
Sound by Elliot Ryan (technotropism)
Editing by Felicity-Rose Priddle & Elliot Ryan
Original Score by Sara Hayward
Animation by Clancy Coe

It is nice to see a documentary from Australia.  We have already had ones from France, America,  and more so it is nice to be able to add another country to the list. They cover multiple topics like history, aesthetics, community, and wearing Lolita in public.  It is very well put together and a great watch. 


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