Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pullip Dolls

Like a lot of other Lolitas out there I think ball jointed dolls, Blythe, and other dolls like Dal.  One of my favorite websites to check out everyone in a while is the Pullip Style site.  They carry many cute dolls in all price ranges and styles.  I highly suggest checking it out.  There are so many dolls to look through you are bound to find about a dozen favorites. Here are mine.

They have dolls for each zodiac sign and I of course like the Aquarius because that is my sign.  The blue hair is too pretty.  I want to dye my hair that color.  The AP Christmas Doll is so cute.  I love her dress and kingly crown.

Sailor, Navy, and Nautical themed Lolita is on of my favorite motifs.  Marine Police Marilyn is super cute in her grey dress with sailor stripes and anchors.  I really love her grey hair.  The large curls go so well with her outfit.  The kicky knee high boots, I want them for me.  My husband liked the Docolla Dal Doll.  Oh, that is a mouthful.  The colors are perfect.  Dark blue, black, and fuchsia make a good match.

 Come on.  ow could you not like this doll?  Her tiny hat with tiny tulle make me smile.  

So cool.  Her batty head band and super long curls go with her vinyl dress and lacy stockings and train.  She is just so super cool.  If I was a doll and I wanted to be cool she is what I would aim for.


  1. I never really got into dolls but these are gorgeous =o I especially love AP Prupate and Barbara Yomi :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. Kawaii^^

  3. aww those dolls are so adorable :) i always wanted to have a matching outfit will my dolls x)

  4. Those dolls are super cute. I really like the Pullip Barbara Yomi one. I wouldn't mind owning that one if it were less expensive. xD

  5. I love Pullips and Dals, I love Pullip Tiphona, Dal Joujou and Dal Dalcomi♥


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