Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Lolita Chrsitmas Wish List

  We all have a wish list all year long but Christmas is a time when you are very aware of things that you want in hopes of receiving it.  If I could have one wish granted it would be to have unlimited funds for Lolita clothing.  Oh, that would be amazing.  Could you imagine being able to purchase anything Lolita any time that you wanted?    Anyway, here is what I would like Santa to set under the Christmas tree for me this year.

 I love Lolita bags.  I don't have very many at the moment but I want to build a nice little collection.  Angelic Pretty makes lovely bags and purses.  They always have nice soft shapes like bows, stars, and bunnies. 
 These Baby shoes/boots are awesome!  They are a perfect combination of shoes and boots.  The straps and heart buckles make these shoes stand out and the small bow in the front make them sweet.  The heel seems to be chunkier which is good for me because I am not great at walking in heels.  They come in several colors but I think I would get the most use out of the black ones.  Black goes with most colors.

 How could you not want this Innocent World Crown Bag?  So nice.  It might be a bit hard to coordinate but I don't care.  It would look great with black, white, and red coordinates.  I would want to show it off all the time. 

 I am needing a new winter jacket in a big way.  I have been wearing a lavender hounds-tooth Bodyline coat and it is really starting to show its age.  This Meta coat is great.  It has fur on the collar, great bows, and looks comfy and warm. 

 This one is a little obvious I think.  I just did a post about how amazing Pullip dolls are and of course I would love to get one for Christmas.  So cute! 

I already have a dress by Rose Melody and it is nice.  This dress has a lovely print along the hem and is super flattering.  I don't think that I would wear it without a blouse but I would love it so much.  The pearl and bow details are a nice touch but it is all about the print for me. 

This is what I want for Christmas.  What do you want? 


  1. Even though I'm not a lolita, sometimes, I can't help but wish I was! This post just makes me want to be one more! The clothes are so amazing! Also, I really love pullip dolls too! Unfortunately, they're a luxury I will never have because I can never justify buying one. :P

  2. cute list, i know the shop of the crown shaped bag , i want an item from them but i totallt forgot its a bag i think but black crown? hehe :P

  3. Awh! That exact Rose Melody dress is on my wish list too!
    An unlimited fund for lolita would definitely be awesome!

  4. I agree with you on these Dx I would love some of these items! Especially those shoes =x

    ~ Kieli ~


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