Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oodles of Jewelry for Sale

  I have been in love with pearls since I can remember.  They are so lovely.  The soft glow and iridescence make them perfect for jewelry.  I found some lovely pearls in green and white and I had to use them.  They were begging to become necklaces and bracelets.  
Like always I am posting here first at lower prices and tomorrow I will do a pot on the EGL sales page.  So, if you want it, scoop it up.  Below is one picture of each item.  You can click HERE to view the Flickr page where there are more pictures that are bigger and there are multiple views as well.

If you want to snag anything just let me know in the comments which piece/pieces you would like.  Paypal is the prefered method of payment but I will also accept concealed cash/check in the mail if that is better for you.  
Shipping is only $1.50 anywhere (no matter how many or few pieces you buy)

Multi Bead Bracelet $6.50

Pewter Charm Bracelet $6.00

Pearl Chain Bracelet $7.00

Blue & Gold Cookie Necklace $7.00

 Pink Heart Necklace $9.00

Double Decker Bus Necklace $7.00

Large Pink Bow and Pearl Necklace $13.00

Pink Rose Necklace $7.50

Lavender and Silver Necklace $8.00

Pink Dangle Necklace $7.50

3 Tier Pink and Gold Necklace $14.00

Pink Sweet and Dolphin Necklace $7.50

Pink and Green Pearl Necklace $12.00

Pink Chain Pearl Necklace $13.00

Pink Sweet Silver Necklace $7.00

Pearl and Heart Crystal Necklace $12.50

Pink Crystal Chain Necklace $14.00
Red Pearl Necklace $12.00

 Scalloped Tiny Pearl Necklace $17.00

Bobby Pins
Bobby Pins $4.50
Simple Earrings $4.50 per pair

Dangle earrings $6.00 per pair

 Strawberry Tulle Bow $5.00

Silver Crown Earrings $9.00


  1. I'd love the crown earrings *o* Let me know if you still have faux fur collars available!

  2. @nopants
    Hello! The silver crown earrings are so nice. You will love them. Also, all the collars are still up for grabs except for #7, the brown with brown ribbon. If you want you can e-mail me at Let me know what you would like to scoop up. Thanks so much. AmanoUsagi

  3. Wow! More gorgeous items! You are amazing with accessories! ♥ I will have to order some next time when I can~

    ~ Kieli ~


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