Monday, September 27, 2010

Big'ish Milestones!

  Today I noticed that my blog just got 20,000 views and has 199 followers (so close to 200).  How exciting.  I remember when I first started the blog, I was literally writing it for myself.  That is not the case anymore.  I really want to thank all of you for actually coming to my blog, reading, and commenting.  It still surprises me that I have this blog and it is doing well.  I will keep adding to it, improving it and my posts, and keep you guys interested.  Thank You.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - Misslyz

  Today's highlight is going to be short and sweet.  Misslyz did a short post on Daily Lolita with just a couple pictures but I just loved the look of them so I needed to share them with you.  In her post she states that red and white are becoming her signature colors.  I have never thought of coming up with a signature color or colors.  I like the idea though.  Perhaps I should come up with a signature something.  Maybe not a color but perhaps an element of my outfit.  I will have to think on it, now to the highlight.
Her outfit is centered around her new Baby skirt which she got in the mail and was excited to show off.  I cannot blame her.  Her crimson Baby skirt is lovely.  It is a perfect blend of Sweet and Classic Lolita.  Her crisp white blouse and delicate white socks and Rocking Horse Shoes are a perfect match.  I am really digging RHS lately.  They just look so dainty.  Like tiny ballet shoes.
The little touches complete her outfit.  The strawberry Innocent World purse, red rose, and killer watch necklace really make the whole thing blend. 
Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Off brand (Sweet Angel??)
Skirt: BTSSB
Purse: Innocent World
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Montreal
Accessories: For Love (Forever21 accessory store), Claires & handmade hair corsage.
 Her simple hair style and fresh make up allow you to notice her outfit and accessories.  If she had done more it might have been too much.  She is very classy looking in these pictures.  I like her use of chunky rings and the pearl necklace.  The warm cream color picks up the warmth of the red skirt.
  Lovely just about sums it up.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sailor Moon Awesomeness!

  A couple of weeks ago I helped my mother clean out the attic (we are still not done so I have to help again this weekend, boo) and  found some good stuff.  Amongst the good stuff  found some great stuff.  Sailor Moon stuff! When I moved out of my parents house about 8 years ago I had to pack up my whole room and put it in the attic.  It was sad to pack up my Sailor Moon stuff and not get to see it everyday but I knew it would not be forever.  Now that my husband and I have our own place and have room I can claim my stuff.  I only found a couple boxes of Sailor Moon things so I know there s more.  Here is what  found a couple weeks ago.
 Here we have all of the Sailor Moon comics on the top (all original printing), all of the graphic novels (doubles and triples of some), 4 sets of the card game, 2 decks of playing cards, 1 cell phone case, Tuxedo Mask plush, lunch box, stickers, Chibi Usa wand, and 2 Sailor Stars single Cd's.   
I am super proud of my Sailor Moon collection.  I would say what you see here is only 5% of my Sailor Moon stuff.  Between the Comcs, dvds, dolls, wands, wall scrolls, stickers, play sets, and everything else I would need a whole room to fully display everything.  
I am going to be doing more posts of my Sailor Moon collection.  I find there are a lot of Lolitas who love Sailor Moon as well. Here is a bonus picture of my cat Bella.  I was trying to take these above pictures and she was not having any of that.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Bodyline Haul

  About 2 times a year I make a nice purchase from Bodyline for a few reasons.  One, they are inexpensive.  Two, their stuff has gotten better (quality and design).   Three, it is fun to make a little splurge.   This latest splurge was quite a ride.
  I hopped onto Bodyline, made my purchase, never got a tracking number, and got the box 1 day ahead of the estimated arrival.  Yea!  My husband brought in the big box and slapped it on the kitchen table while I was playing Step Mania (It is just like DDR).  I made myself finish Step Mania (because I do it for exercise), take a shower, and then I got to open my box.  This is what I saw.
 So, I will start with the shoes.  When I had originally decided to make a purchase from Bodyline I had planned on buying more shoes but it just wasn't in the cards.  A lot of the shoes that I wanted were sold out in my size, 6 1/2ish.  After some hemming and hawing I settled on the two RHS and the awesome pair of pink boots.  I am very please with all 3 pairs of shoes.  They were all $25 a pop and worth it.  The boots I have worn about 5 or 6 times and I love them so much.  I can wear them everywhere but the RHS I have to be careful with.  I am not a very good walker (my balance is crap)  so I can only wear them to place where there are level floors and whatnot, like the mall.
The bows are all from the dresses that I bought but I really do love them by themselves.  They are great just to tack onto a JSK or skirt.  I have a fondness for the black blue polka dot one.  So Cute!  The white head dress is just a good generic white headdress.  I have a black one as well so now I have my two bases covered.  It was only $6 so it did not break the bank.  Now for the good stuff.  Dresses!!!
I ordered this dress for several reasons.  It has long sleeves that are detachable which will be great for winter, spring, and fall, and black is classic.  I like the high neck and I don't have any like that.  I believe I paid $34 for this one and it will be worth it.  I am sure I will get plenty of use out of it.  I have been leaning toward Gothic Lolita more and more.  
This pink dress was just too cute and innocent to pass up, plus it was twenty something dollars.  I wanted a pink dress because one of my light pink dresses got a stain on the front bodice and I cannot get it out.  I might salvage the bottom and make a skirt out of it.  This pink dress has really cute capped sleeves and a duo of cute ruffles along the hem of the skirt.  This dress just makes me smile.
I know there was a big buzz about this print when it came to Bodyline because it was a nice print and then there was a falling out of love with it because everyone has it.  Now I have one too.  I think it is very cute.  I have the matching bag in pink.  This dress I had to buy in a long size so it is very long, too long for me.  So, I am going to do a few pleat seems just above the carousel print to take away 4 inches.  It was a steal for twenty something dollars.  I really like the gold/yellow color.  It is kind of different and cool.
The big gem of the haul.  Dennis Teapot print!  This print is so playful and the polka dots just add to the cute.  It has a detachable collar which is to the right of the dress.  I like the option to wear it or not.  It is just nice to be able to choose.  The lace on this dress is quality.  It is soft and pretty thick.  I can see this dress with my new black RHS.  
I am super happy with my purchases and now I am happy to wear them and show them off.  So, what do you think?  Good purchases? 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lolita Rules That I Follow #4 - Experiment

  Throughout my whole life I have always experimented with my clothing.  When I was little it was kind of like a challenge, can I wear every color today or do dots, stripes, rainbows, and kitty's go together?  Once in middle school and the very beginning of high school I did everything in my power to blend in as much as possible.  I was a skilled artist at blending into the background.
  Once I came into myself about sophomore year of high school, I started dressing how I wanted and for me.  I was all about colors again and started getting into girly styles again. From then until now (about 11 years) I have gone through several styles but one common theme has been trying to do fun and different things within the style.  And, Lolita for me is no different.  I try to push Lolita.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much.
Forth Rule, Experiment and Try Different Things
The blue dress above is one that I designed and made for my trip to SLC that I took a few months ago.  I went a little cray with the amount of fabric that I used to make the skirt portion.  I also went a tad nuts with the front part of the skirt.  I think more pictures are required of this dress.  I will post more shortly.
Sometimes I see girls on daily Lolita who have great coords because they try something different.  There is so much in Lolita that is the same and it is good to see people trying things that might not necessarily go with Lolita at first glance.
  Keep experimenting! ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cleaning Out the Attic Goodies

  So, my mother has been bugging me to help her clean out my parents attic and last weekend I went and spent the lovely Sunday afternoon carrying boxes and bags of garbage (old clothes, broken toys, stuffed animals, and misc.)  down 2 flights of stairs.  In all of the useless stuff that we chucked I found a few gems from my childhood.
  I still have about 20 boxes of old things that I need to go through but those are for another day.  Take a peek at the old stuff that I found.

I loved this when I was little.  This was the only play set or building that I had for my My Little Ponies and boy did I use it.  This ballet studio had 3 circles that you could set the ponies on and then spin the cog on the side to make the ponies "dance" and spin.  Once you were done you could just shove all the ponies in it and put it away.

I have no idea if this works anymore but it is awesome none the less.   I played countless hours on this guy.  It still has Zelda in it.  About 6 or 7 years ago I re-found it in my room and played it a ton for the summer, like 5 hours everyday.  I doubt that is going to happen this time.  I might throw it out, I am not sure.  It was just great to find it and see it again.

I bought this piece in NYC at the FAO Schwarz when I was about 14 or so.  I don't what the brand is or what it is from but it is just so pretty.  The little doors open up and it has a tiny mirror in it.  I thought this would be great to wear with any Sweet Lolita outfits.  Also, you can look through the bottom and out the top and it is a kaleidoscope. 
I just found this.  It is from a series from the 90's called Star castle.
I also found a ton of Sailor Moon stuff but that is going to need a post of it's own.  Which I will be posting this week.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thinking Ahead to Christmas

  This weekend and next weekend in my area there is a craft fair that I look forward to every year.  My husband goal was to buy a dozen cider donuts and eat all of them.  He ate 9, which is still a lot.  My goal was to buy presents for my family for Christmas.  I did pretty well today.  I am going next weekend with a friend and will do more Christmas shopping.  
  I am going to be making gift bags for everyone so I just bought smaller things to add all together.  Today I bought maple syrup, hot fudge, dips, & ornaments. 
Next week I am going to buy some nice homemade soaps and candles to add to the gift bags.  I figure I can buy almost everything now so in December I won't have to worry about it and can spend more time enjoying the holidays.  My husband is also happy about me Christmas shopping as well because since we are married we can give out couple gifts.  We can give 1 gift and say it is from both of us.  Nice!
I wore Lolita and got quite a few looks and whatnot but nothing too bad.  I didn't get as much attention as I could have.  My sister in law had her 8 week old Siberian Husky puppy with her so all eyes were on the cute pup.  Next week I will dress up again and take pictures and maybe video is I am feeling crazy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lolita Rules That I Follow #3 - Boots Go With Lolita

  Now, I know a lot of people don't share my intense love of boots.  I own tons of boots and about 4 pairs of shoes, and these shoes are all Lolita shoes.  When I am putting myself together for the day I always head straight for my boots.  I can't help it. 
  I have been a boots girl for about 10 years now.  I can remember the first pair of boots that gave me the boot bug.  I was 17, working at a summer camp in Upstate NY, I made an order through the Delia's catalog and bought The Boots.  They were calf high, iridescent silver, and the coolest boots that I had ever seen.  I wore them until they literally fell apart.  You could see my toes out the front, the back soles were no longer connected, there was not traction, and there were holes all over them.  I loved those boots so much.

Third Rule, Wear Boots 
 I think boots with Lolita don't get enough love.  When I look at Daily Lolita and egl and see pictures of Lolita 9 out of 10 times they are wearing shoes.  I know the Tea Party Shoes and Rocking Horse Shoes are really cool and cute  but there is something magical about tall boots with a puffy skirt.
I know sometimes weather does not permit people to wear boots (100 degree weather) but most of the time you can wear them.  Now is the perfect time to get a pair and wear them for the next 10 months.  Most of the boots that I have are just regular boots and not meant for Lolita, I don't care. In my eyes, they go with everything.
I am not shoes bashing (I just bought 2 pairs of RHS from Bodyline) I am just sharing a little of my              boot love.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bodyline 50% off Sale Goodies

   So.  I don't know if any of you took part in the big Mr. Yan's birthday half off sale, but, boy was it exciting this year.  I completely forgot that it was happening until I was on egl and saw people complaining.  Since that sale was going on the site was getting hit so hard it was running uber slow.  It was taking people hours just to buy 3 things.
  I waited a day and found out that the sale was being extended.  So, I waited another day and filled up my basket, paid my moneys, and got my package 5 days later.  Here is a peek into the box that came in the mail the other day.
I went a little crazy, I know, but it was all half off and I don't purchase very often.  I know you can't see them very well but my favorite thing that I got are the pink boots.  I am a sucker for tall combat type boots.  They aren't very Lolita but I don't really care.  In my mind boots go with everything.  Perhaps I will show off my little boot collection off.
I will post all the goodies that I from Bodyline with more pictures and my thoughts.  Thought number one, I love my new pink boots!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - XJust AnotherX

  Hello ladies and gents.  Do I actually have any gents that read my blog. I would think maybe 2.  Anyway, today's Daily Lolita Highlight is a first.  This is the first one that highlights 3 people.  All of the other posts have been of only 1 person so this one is packed with 3 times the cute and fun.
  There are lots of posts of Lolitas together having a good time but when I saw this post I wanted to jump into my computer and spend the day with these 3.  They look as if they are having a ball just hanging out.  Xjust AnotherX is the girl who did the post on Daily Lolita (the one in the middle with the dark hair).   It is her, her boyfriend, and her best friend.  This is also a first for highlighting a boy as well, big day. 
Decked out in Baby the Stars Shine Brights Pup in a Cup and Marie Antoinette prints the girls look most adorable.  They each have a great color scheme and accessorize perfectly.  XJust AnotherX's boyfriend is wearing Black Peace Now, Fan + Friend, and off brand make up the perfect outfit.  I love the cute dandy shorts and black over-sized blow tie.  It is good to know that there are significant others out there that are willing to really embrace Lolita.  (I wish my husband would dress in Aristocrat but he is not really fit for it.  He has a big beautiful beard)
I don't know what it is about Lolita make-up but I love it so much.  Simple black eye shadow, liner, and mascara make their eyes stand out and look so beautiful.  I try and do mine like that and it just does not look right on me.  I can wear the black on my upper eye but not underneath.  It makes me look like a scary emo goth kid.
I hope these pictures made you guys smile because I know it made me smile.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sailor Moon Fever!

Wow!  I posted my Sailor Moon dress on egl and there was a wave of Sailor Moon fans who came out of the woodwork.  In many of the comments they said I should design more Sailor Moon themed dresses.  Ones for the different seasons, the different Sailor Scouts, different characters, and so on.  Some people even said they were going to do their own designs.  I love the idea!
  I don't think I am going to make all of the dresses but I will design a bunch and make a few.  It is going to be a lot of fun.  It is great when you can combine 2 of your favorite things.  Sailor Moon is a great inspiration.  So many colors, strong elements to pull from, and more.  I will post more sketches and info soon.  I really do hope it catches on.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sailor Moon Lolita Dress

  About 3 or 4 weeks ago I started designing a Sailor Moon inspired Lolita dress and now I have finally gotten around to inking, scanning, and posting it.  I wanted it to be a dress inspired by Sailor Moon and not a costume.  I think I walked that fine line pretty well.  Sometimes it is hard to judge what is too much and what is just right and sometimes I have to reign myself in a little bit.  It is fun and easy to go over the top.
I want to color it but I have to wait till my lappy comes back home to me from the lappy hospital.  That should be this week with a little luck.  I am thinking the main color will be a navy blue with white trims perhaps.  This is what is in my head right now but I am sure it will change when i am playing around with the colors in Photo-shop. (You can click on the picture to embiggen it)
The main elements that I took from Sailor Moon and added to the dress are the pleats (even though her skirt does not have box pleats), the lace just off the shoulders mimicking the sailor collar, and the princess seam lines and seam just under the bust.  I looked at all of Sailor Moons fuku's for inspiration.  Ones from the anime, manga, original designs, and all of her different transformations.  
I really love the embellishment on the front.  My husband has just gotten into screen printing so I thought I would  utilize it in this dress.  A simple silhouette of Sailor Moon sitting on a moon with clouds and surrounded by tiny stars reminds me of the Vampire Requiem print with what looks like Tuxedo Mask flying through the air.  (I really would kill to have a dress or JSK in that print.  It is just so darn expensive.)
Anyway, I will be posting more of the dress when I am coloring it and sewing it.

Lolita Rules That I Follow #2 - Yes to the Petticoat

  I have always loved puffy and ruffly everything all my life and when it comes to Lolita I am no different.  When buying dresses and JSK's I look at the silhouette and judge the puff.  Is it a circle skirt that can literally puff all the way out or is a more modest piece that is made of less fabric and has more of a bell shape?  Whatever it is it better be able to accommodate a nice petticoat underneath it and I always wear one.
  Second Rule, Always Wear Your Petticoat
When I see a girl who is dressed to the nines in Lolita and then she has a deflated and sad looking skirt because she didn't wear a petticoat it always makes me cry a little on the inside.  With a lot of Lolita dresses, JSK's, and skirts there is a bit of detail and how are we to see it unless you display it.  These pieces are made to have a petticoat under them.  Without a petticoat I feel dumpy and frumpy.  The skirt looks messy and then  BOOM, you put on a petticoat and it is beautiful.
My current petticoat that I made is getting a little sad so I am going to have to upgrade and make a new and better one.  This next one that I make will have a little more puff than my current one.  My current petti has a sufficient amount of puff but I would like more.  I won't be knocking things off of table with it but it will be a little fuller.
Again, these are just my rules that I abide by.  I am not telling everyone to do what I do by any means.  These are just my thoughts.  What are yours on petticoats?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - Suey Cide

  Hello Humming Birds!  I have got a very pretty Daily Lolita Highlight for you today.  Suey Cide didn't have too many pictures but the few that she did post are lovely.  The pics are of what she wore at a meet up in Brazil were she lives.  I think it is a prefect outfit for socializing and having a good time with friends.

  My favorite color is pink so anytime I see a Lolita in pink I automatically am more inclined to like their outfit.  Suey Cides JSK, parasol, and shoes are the most beautiful shades of pinks and rose.  Her JSK is something that I would kill to have.  Its delicate color scheme and lofty ruffles are so feminine.   The tiny rose buds and pretty pink bows are almost too much "girly", almost.  But, just the right amount for me.

Most of her outfit is made up of Le Carrousel.
JSK, Headbow, Blouse, Totebag:  Le Carrousel
Necklace and Bracelets: Handmade by me
Rings: Offbrand
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Cute Way
I keep seeing more and more pieces by Le Carrousel and I love them.  Beautiful designs and what looks to be nice quality make me want to put in an order.
She did a gorgeous job with her hair style.  I might just have to steal her idea of the braids pulled back finished with a bow.  I know she is not going for Country Lolita but there is something about the outfit as a whole that just has a country vibe to it.  It is very carefree and delicate outfit.  I could picture her in a field of flowers and sunshine.
Lovely job!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Dream Dress

  There aren't many dresses that I lust over but this one is one of them!  I know it isn't name brand or really expensive but I do not care at all.  It is beautiful and elegant and I just love  it.  I got it for a very reasonable price on the egl sales page.  It is out of stock on Qutie Land and the original price in $85 plus shipping and I got it for $65 with shipping.  Not bad.  Take a peek at its amazing-ness.

Rose Melody Rosa Aroma JSK

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