Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bodyline 50% off Sale Goodies

   So.  I don't know if any of you took part in the big Mr. Yan's birthday half off sale, but, boy was it exciting this year.  I completely forgot that it was happening until I was on egl and saw people complaining.  Since that sale was going on the site was getting hit so hard it was running uber slow.  It was taking people hours just to buy 3 things.
  I waited a day and found out that the sale was being extended.  So, I waited another day and filled up my basket, paid my moneys, and got my package 5 days later.  Here is a peek into the box that came in the mail the other day.
I went a little crazy, I know, but it was all half off and I don't purchase very often.  I know you can't see them very well but my favorite thing that I got are the pink boots.  I am a sucker for tall combat type boots.  They aren't very Lolita but I don't really care.  In my mind boots go with everything.  Perhaps I will show off my little boot collection off.
I will post all the goodies that I from Bodyline with more pictures and my thoughts.  Thought number one, I love my new pink boots!


  1. Shoot, why didn't I know about this sale? *needs to pay better attention!*
    Your things look very nice, though. Can't wait to get a better look at them!

  2. Wow, now that's a haul! Please show us the skirts/dresses you bought as well! :3

    I only got a dress, but was it an adventure! One of my friend's, with whom I've wanted to order stuff from BodyLine texted me that "OMG! There's only an hour left from the sales!" so I left my school project where it was and rushed to the internet.

    It took me five hours to put all I wanted in the cart (a dress for me, a nail set and a hair extension for my friend, and a skirt for another friend - she also wanted a pair of shoes but didn't buy in the end, because it would never have loaded in) but in the end I couldn't pay. Went to bed at 23.00 (school next day) and the next morning I tried again - thank god it worked! I ran a little late from school because of this, though. xD

    Oh, but the excitement didn't end with this! Because they didn't ship it out. I waited three days - no package. It usually takes them three days to ship to my place. I checked my rarely used e-mail account (I only use it for PayPal or official stuff) but the DHL confirmation e-mail with the tracking number hasn't arrived. Last friday I wrote them an e-mail about and they asked for my PayPal confirmation number. I sent it to them in five minutes. No answer.

    I wanted to write another e-mail on monday but the package has arrived! Holy cow! But I wasn't at home, so I had to look for a negihbour who would pick it up for me the next day, and until yesterday in the evening I knew nothing about my stuff. But it's here now, and I love it! :3

    Sorry for the looooooong comment ^^" But I thought I would share my story, it's kind of interesting. =D

  3. Looks good, show pictures of everything please ^^
    I like boots like that as well haha

  4. oh my! damn, I didn't know about this sale :( I have wanted to buy things from bodyline some time now but I'm always to scared ... this would have helped :D

  5. oh wow! I'll wait for the next post to see some photos! :))

  6. Oh it looks like you got a lot of goodies~! I haven't been on the bodyline site in ages, and that sale would have just been tempting haha.

  7. Yakaii- I know a lot of people had a lot of trouble with the site/sale this year. There were a lot of very upset people on egl so hopefully the are more prepared for next year. Better servers and whatnot.

  8. This is off topic, but do you know of a any place where I can get a decent full white skirt to use for Goru Lolita? It can be plain, I'm willing to sew on lace and extras, but I just don't feel comfortable with sewing a skirt yet! Oh yeah, I'm also going to spray on the "blood" myself. Thanks for the help! ^-^


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